Lately I have been trying to meet all the people we interview in person. It’s nice to put a personality to the face. I have been so fortunate to get to know so many great people.

Tia Borden, is no exception. This girl has it all, brains and beauty with a personality to match. She also has the most amazing eyelashes. I can see her being on Entertainment Tonight or having her own talk show in the future. Who knows she may be the next Oprah. Just remember, I called it.

Here is my one on one with Tia.

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Tia Borden
Host, InvestmentPitch Media

Note: Tia has embarked on a new chapter of here career since our interview with InvestmentPitch Media.

You have a very accomplished resume. On top of your broadcasting and media experience, you also have a background in marketing and branding. How did you get into that?

My background, school wise, is actually Psychology. I got my degree in Ottawa at Carleton University. I started doing some social work, and as much as I enjoyed it, I wasn’t 100% sold on it as a career choice. My mom said to me – you’ve always loved television, broadcasting, acting, makeup and fashion – why don’t you think about going into journalism. At that point, I didn’t want to spend another four years in University, but I found a two year Radio Broadcasting program at Algonquin College, and I was sold. So that is how I transitioned into Broadcasting.

I started working for radio stations in the city, more so in the marketing department but did some on air stuff. For my own interest, I was doing a bit of acting and modeling on the side. The next phase in my career brought me to Bayshore Shopping Centre – I was their Tenant Marketing Coordinator. My role was working with the stores to basically help elevate their brands – promote any new products or campaigns. I was also the Television Correspondent, hosting spots on Rogers and CTV where I would discuss what new and exciting things we had going on at the mall.

Did you find that challenging – finding new ways to promote the brands to consumers?

You have to find out what people are interested in, that is the hardest part. What is current, what products are people talking about, what do they want to know more about – what’s up and coming. You do have to stay in the know.

What I loved about it is that I was in the middle of everthing. It wasn’t just makeup, hair products and women`s clothing. I would have to know about men’s fashion and products, as well as things that would appeal to moms and kids. You get to know a little bit of everything – it was really fun and interesting.

Then, an opportunity became available to do some co-hosting on Rogers Daytime Ottawa. It allowed me to be more involved in the community and get to know brands and businesses within the city. I loved that.

Our city is awesome and it is filled with so many interesting people. There are some amazing people doing huge things, so it was so cool to have the opportunity to interview them and give them exposure to the community.

You also did some brand development with some big companies.

I used to do a lot of work with agencies – representing different brands. I worked with Nike, Nestle, Wrigley`s and Sony – doing tonnes of different events. I got to do a lot of travel and met some very cool people. The free swag was great too! These companies were big companies with the means and resources to make cool things happen – so it was great to be a part of that.

Would you ever consider going into Public Relations?

I think that it is such an interesting industry! You’re helping people enhance their careers and elevate their brands and images. I am a huge opportunity seeker, and love the thought of helping other people find different opportunities suitable to them. I would enjoy working with athletes or performing artists.

You have also done a little bit of modeling and television as well.

Yes I used to do a bit of modeling. It was more just for fun – I did some stock photography and a few acting courses although I am a terrible actor and have no hope in that area! I`ve done a few reality shows that were really fun – I really enjoyed the experience, so I would like to do more of that type of thing. I recently signed with an agent in Vancouver. I`m just starting out, but I have gotten quite a few auditions for commercial work. Vancouver is a great city for that type of thing, so I would like to continue to do that on the side for as long as I can.

Do you have a YouTube channel?

I don’t! Although that seems to be the way things are going now. People are actually becoming stars and making a living off of their YouTube channels, it’s crazy! I have a friend who works in the industry in Los Angeles. His role is to find successful YouTubers and turn them into stars! He`s always encouraged me to create a channel, but I have no clue what I’d talk about. I am actually quite shy when it comes to certain things, and having a YouTube channel is one of them. What am I going to talk about – people aren’t going to care about what I have to say. I feel like I would be crazy awkward!

I know. When we first started the blog, it was basically just for fun. Something that I could do with my sister. I thought at first no one is ever going to read our posts. Even after a couple of years of doing it, it still surprises me when people tell me they follow our blog.

I think you have to find the right topic – what are you interested and knowledgeable about, and what do people want to hear about. If you talk about things that a large demographic would be interested in, then you`re sure to gain followers. I like products. I`ve tried thousands…and can definitely say I’m a product junkie…so if I was going to do anything, I would probably go that route.

That is so popular now, product reviews and tutorials. But I find it awkward – you’re talking to a camera.

That’s the hardest part. It’s great to sit down and have a conversation with someone, but when you’re dealing with an audience that ìsnt really there, it gets a little strange. I am passionate about so many things – fitness, food, fashion, beauty products, mental health – My YouTube channel would be all over the map. I`d have to find a focus.

How was your experience doing the Bachelor Canada?

I had a blast! It feels like a long time ago now, but people still ask about it. When the opportunity came up, I was actually a little hesitant to commit to it. I have always been private with my personal relationships, and I like to have at least some control over what I project. Being on a reality show, you don’t know what will be shown or how you may be projected. There is a lot of footage to work with, and I just remember thinking, I sure hope some of that exclusive footage, stays exclusive! Ha.

I met 25 girls at the start and then as the episodes went along, I got to build closer relationships with the girls. After the show, I was able to stay in touch with Brad and some of the girls which has been great because you’ve shared some really cool experiences with these people, so its fun to reminisce. The relationships themselves – that was the best thing that came out of that experience for me… oh, and the travel ;)

Life is all about experiences – I always try to encourage the people in my life to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. To me, that’s what life`s about. Even if it doesn’t work out, nothing is ever that bad. If you pass up opportunities out of fear, then you usually look back and think, I kind of wish I would have tried it. Regret is so much worse than having gone through an experience and it not turning out exactly the way you hoped.

Do you like doing interviews?

I do! I like it because it feels natural to me. Especially when your interviewing someone about a topic you’re interested in – you can have some really great conversations. People like to talk about what they know – it’s always been a fun experience for me.

How was your experience working with the 2012 Juno Awards?

It was awesome. I was given the opportunity to host the celebrity lounge at the ARC Hotel for the Juno Awards when they were held in Ottawa. I got to interview a lot of Canadian celebrities in a relaxed environment, so it was a lot fun.

Style Fix Spotlight Tia Borden - Bernardi Beauty Blog

Do you have any upcoming projects you want to talk about?

I always try and have something in the works – but I totally believe in jinxing opportunities so I try not to talk about my next move until it actually happens. Really, I would just like to get more involved with the television industry and hopefully launch some sort of a blog this year.

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic, with an edge! If you were to look in my closet, you’d really only see 3 colors. Black, cream and white. Neutrals are just so easy to wear, and as long as you buy classic, good quality pieces… they can last a lifetime in your wardrobe! To keep from being a TOTAL bore, I try and throw in at least 1 edgy piece to each outfit. I wear a tonne of blazers. I usually wear them less formally with a graphic tee and a great pair of denim… but no matter what my day looks like, I always feel “put together” with a blazer on. I will often incorporate a ball cap, beanie or floppy hat into my look (I’m a total hat junkie). I literally will throw on a baseball cap with a girlie dress and think it’s okay.

Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

Too many different patterns, designs, textures or branding in one outfit. It’s a seizure waiting to happen. Oh and too much jewelry… a simple pair of diamond studs will go a long way!

Do you have a daily beauty routine?

Oh do I ever! Getting ready in the morning is definitely a highlight in my day. It’s so much fun being a girl. From my skin care routine to doing my hair and makeup; I genuinely enjoy every minute of it!

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In the morning, I wash my face with Spectro Gel (my mom got me hooked as a teenager). I always use a moisturizer (I love MAC’s strobe cream) under my foundation (Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation or Marcelle’s Tinted Moisturizer in luminous beige for a more natural look) because I’m obsessed with the dewy skin look.

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Bring on that glow! Outside of that, I throw on some blush (right now I’m using Rose Petal by Chanel) mascara (Rimmel, Lash Accelerator) and Carmex (honestly, its better than any lip plumping gloss on the market).

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In the evening I use a foaming face wash to take off my makeup, followed by 100% Pure Natural Moroccan Rose Water Face Toner and my all time favorite moisturizing and nourishing face product, Palmer’s Skin Therapy Face Oil. This product does it all!


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Let’s hear some of your favorites…

Fashion designer: Tom Ford
Piece of clothing you own: My sportsbra! It’s the “Incredible” by Victoria’s Secret… and it’s a total gem!
Place to shop for clothes: SOHO NYC! I love scoping out unique little boutique shops. My new fave in Vancouver is LBV Lifestyle.
Pair of shoes: I was a figure skater and dancer growing up… my feet are terrible. Comfort is key! My black knee high Vince Camuto boots are probably the most comfy, therefore my fave!
Accessory: I wear 4 gold band rings on every finger (but my thumb) on my left hand. They were a gift from my parents when I moved to Vancouver, and I haven’t taken them off once.

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

I love going to the salon for fresh blonde. I make sure to choose the salons that serve wine ;)

Finally pick three words that describe you best?

Adventuresome, open-minded, cheerful.