To create looks like this takes technical skill, artistic vision and passion.

This page features some of my favorite editorial works from artists in the beauty industry.

I hope you can fully appreciate the beauty of these looks and the vision it took to create them.

Cut + Style: Vanessa Whitmarsh
Color: Luis Gonzalez
Photo: Maja Buck
Make-up: Hannah Haley
Clothing Stylist : Christian Ramirez
Hair: Anne Kespelt
Model: Anne
Photo: Melissa Houben
Make-up: Susan Vaessen
Stylist: Liz Scarlet
Hair: Krysia Eddery
Photo: Tony Le-Britton
Stylist: Bernard Connolly
Make-Up: Paula Maxwell
Hair: Ramsey Sayah
Styling + Make-up: Texture Hair Salon
Hair: Marilyn Vendittelli
Make-up: Meaghan Bell
Stylist: Marilyn Vendittelli
Photo: Kale Friesen
Hair: Leo Bancroft
Photo: Desmond Murray
Styling: Sophie Higginson
Make-up: Jo Sugar
Hair: Michael Haase
Make-up: Simone Bayfield
Styling: Michael Hasse
Photo: Keith Bryce
Hair: Gary Hooker & Michael Young
Make-up: Megumi
Styling: Clare Frith
Photo: Jack Eame
Hair: Megan Schipani
Salon: Bescene Studios
Hair: Michelle Thompson
Assisted by Alicia Nicole
Make-up: Jessica Williams
Model: Casey Forbes
Hair: Michelle Thompson
Make-up: Meg Lindow
Model: Gino Nunesz
Color: Kristina Paris
Cut/Style: Vanessa Whitmarsh
Make-up: Lani Fischer
Photo: David Rossa
Shot @voidstudiosusa