Someone I once knew said everyone has a story – that is why I love interviewing people. So many fascinating stories to hear.

Andrew is a colour technician, balayage enthusiast, Paw Parent to Daisy, house plant parent and a member of the incredible team at ViviD Salon. Here is a little bit of his story…

Andrew McEwen

Balayage Specialist

ViviD Salon | Mississauga, ON
Instagram: @mcqncolour

So let’s start from the beginning – what drew you to the hair industry?

It was a very long road to hair!

I was once a chef, a baker/cake designer/entrepreneur @thecakeparlourtoronto and an assistant manager of a jewellery store. Ahahaha yes this all happened before getting into hair!

I loved playing with hair as a kid and always helped my friends make hair decisions growing up, but I never envisioned myself as a stylist behind the chair.

My boyfriend Darryl (@neonbeigedisconaps) is a very talented make up artist. It was his artistry and seeing him on set, that inspired me to go to hair school.

When I was on set with him I would always help him out with hair and that’s where I found my love for hair! Being on set is a true passion of mine!

In November 2018 you went to California for a Blend the Rules seminar with your team, in a post you said that you grew as a person over the weekend. What did you mean by that?

That was a very special weekend for myself. It was my first time visiting California and it was also the first Blend the Rules in the USA.

Meeting so many people from around North America at a salon in LA was really cool. Seeing how inspired they are by the work of my boss/mentor Diana Vivilecchia (@dvcolour) and co-worker Sharon (@yogacolourist) was just incredible and super inspiring as well!

It was quite intimidating walking into a salon in LA and working alongside so many talented artists. But Kut Haus Salon (@kuthaus_claremont) made me feel right at home. Their salon ran very similar to ViviD – it is like a well oiled machine. Everyone was very respectful and positive and above all PASSIONATE!

Instagram: @mcqncolour

Meeting Victor Val (@victorval) was truly a highlight of mine. This man is not only a true gentleman but a straight up genius. His passion and insight on the industry is just astonishing. Such a humble and amazing man!

I grew a lot as a person over that weekend. I learned a lot about myself and saw things more clearly. It was a very memorable trip!

It was rewarding and enlightening considering it narrowed my focus, ensuring this is the right field for me. Secondly, it taught me innovative tips and tricks on how to utilize a business platform successfully while sticking true to my creativity and artistry – the ideal combination. It taught me that balance is essential.

I love your work behind the chair, but you also do editorial work, is it important to you to have this creative outlet?

Thank you! Yes it is very important for me to have this outlet, because it allows me to explore my creativity more!

Being a colourist behind the chair I don’t always get a chance to style my clients, being on set allows to me to do that. It also allows me to create magic on set with my talented boyfriend Darryl and our good friend and very talented Photographer and Stylist Quinton (@_qweenton).

I think some people see a look on a celebrity or on Instagram and get a major case of hair envy. In your consultations, how do you handle cases when client’s expectations might not be realistic or achievable?

I am always very honest with my clients. I show them realistic expectations of what they will get in their visit with me – letting them know that their desired end goal would be achievable over time in a few sessions. I put them on a hair goal plan which include maintenance hair cuts every 2-3 months.

Trends are always coming and going in the fashion and beauty industry, how to you keep up with it all and stay inspired as an artist.

I stay on top of it with Instagram! My clients inspire me most as I always want them to be current and stylish!

Making women feel confident is what I love to do!

Andrew McEwen

How would you describe your personal style?

Off the racks of @simonshomme. Simons is my style ahahahah – my entire wardrobe is from them! They have the best men’s fashion in my opinion.

I would say my style is edgy, trendy and playful! I’m not afraid of colour and I love silver details!

You have a bit of a green thumb; I on the other hand have killed every plant that has come into my home. Do you have any tips for me?

Purchase your plants from a reputable plant store and ask a lot of questions before bringing one home! I ask what type of lighting does it like? How often does it need to be watered? How big could it get? Is it safe for my dog to be around? I ask these specific questions so I set myself up for success before bringing the plants home!

What do you love most about going into work every day and being behind the chair?

I love working with my incredible team at ViviD salon! I also love meeting all my new clients who support my craft and allow me to create my passion on their hair on a daily basis!

Finally – what three words describe you best?

Sociable. Humble. Bubbly.