#SheetmaskSelfie #MaskerAideMaven

I’m a bit of a product junkie.

So, when asked me to test out the MaskerAide facial sheet masks – I was all in.

I tested out three sheet masks:  Detox Diva Hydrating Facial Sheet MaskI Don’’t Wanna Grow Up Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask and Weather Warrior Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask. (How can you not love these names! )

Verdict: #goldstar

1. They are super easy to use. I prepped my face by cleansing and toning my skin. Applied the mask. Chilled for 15 minutes and watched some t.v. then removed the mask and then gave our skin a quick rinse. Done.

2. #Ecofriendly: the outer package of the mask is recyclable + sheet mask is biodegradable. And, we all know anything we can do to help reduce waste in the landfills is important – no matter how small it may seem.

3.  The fiber sheet is cut to contour to your face so it is easy to apply – all you have to do is play with it so it molds to your face.

4.  It will give your skin a nice glow and feeling soft and smooth the next morning. It makes waking up and going to work a little easier. #lookgoodfeelgood

5.  They have different types of facial sheet masks. So there is something for everyone.