“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” 
– Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Amber is proof that when you have drive and passion, anything is possible.

Amber Riegle
Hair Stylist + Barber

Alessandro Salon | St.Catherines ON

Instagram : @ariegle7

What led you to pursue a career in the beauty industry?

What led me to pursue a career in the beauty industry was how I felt after receiving a service.

I always felt so beautiful and confident, I wanted to be able to make other people feel that same way.

I’ve also always loved doing hair, it’s something that I am so passionate about; and when choosing a career I wanted to have the passion that would drive me to be better every single day.

What are 5 must haves for every stylist’s toolkit?

I would say that the 5 must haves for every stylists toolkit would be; clippers, scissors, combs, clips and a blow-dryer. With these tools you can achieve any look.

With three generations of hairdressers and barbers – the Fortino family are pioneers in the Canadian hair industry. What is it like working at a salon surrounded by passionate artists?

Working along side them is incredible, their passion for this industry is so contagious.

There is never a day where I don’t feel completely supported, and encouraged by them. The best part of it all is their desire to be the best consistently motivates me to be better, having that mentality makes us all strong individually and as a team.

Hair: Amber Riegle
Makeup: Sandrina LoMedico
Photo: Daniel DiTommaso

Last year you were a semi-finalist in the student category in the Sebastian Professional What’s Next Awards – this year you are a finalist. What inspired your look and how did you feel the moment you found out you were heading to Los Angeles?

What inspired my look was the ocean. When I was researching the collection, I was envisioning a flow, a pattern, a wave like movement, a soft repetition, a live movement with flow to it. These were all thoughts that I kept in mind while creating and recreating my look.

When I found out that I was a finalist, initially I was in shock. I have been striving every year to have my creative breakthrough, so I was elated when I found out that I made it. I can honestly say that I am so proud and honoured.

Hair: Amber Riegle
Makeup: Sandrina LoMedico
Photo: Doug McMillan

What inspires you as an artist?

What inspires me as an artist is studying peoples face shapes and hair. I am constantly thinking of how I can take people and transform them into the best version of themselves. It inspires me to see someone feel amazing, and have the capability of saying “I did that!”

Being a stylist takes more than skill and passion – it also takes the ability to connect with people. What advice do you have for aspiring Stylist?

My advice for any aspiring stylist would be; be the best listener that you can be. Always be caring and compassionate. Be open minded, always.

Be passionate about what you do.

Finally, always learn, the more you know the better.

Hair: Amber Riegle
Makeup: Sandrina LoMedico
Photo: Daniel DiTommaso

You have competed in ABA competitions – it must be an adrenaline rush competing live. How is the preparation different from what you do for competitions like Trend Vision and What’s Next?

The preparation for live vs. photo competition is much different. Knowing that time is working with you not against you in a photo shoot really takes a lot of pressure off. Photo shoots give you the opportunity to start and restart your style as well as work on any imperfections. In a live competition you are restricted to time, and you learn to quickly adapt to any imperfections.

I think staying current is so important in this industry? How do you keep on top of all the latest trends, techniques and products?

Staying on-top of the latest trends and techniques is so important, to do so I like to be involved in as many classes and courses as I can. I also take full advantage of the education that Wella provides online and on their app. I especially try to stay in-touch with barbering, products and colour trends. Regularly attending shows contributes to staying in the loop of what is upcoming.

Fabio Sementilli was a true industry leader and visionary who believed in paying it forward and education. What does being a part of this industry mean to you?

Being apart of this industry is so important to me.

It is more then just a profession it is a lifestyle.

It really feels like a family, what one person needs we all need, and we can all benefit from it.

Fabio truly was an industry leader, and it was incredible how much he impacted our hair community. He was inspiring, genuine, motivating and knowledgeable; these are all qualities I hope to retain. The way that Fabio made everyone he encountered feel, is the same imprint I aspire to leave in my everyday life as a beauty professional.

Do you have a daily beauty routine?

I get up in the morning and after some quiet time, I start getting ready for my day. My first go-to is my makeup. It’s a must! Also, I always try my best to put on a cute outfit, I think that when you look good you feel better.

What are some of your personal hair and make-up must haves?

My personal hair and makeup must haves, is the Sebastian Professional Sublimate. It honestly saves my hair, it is super light weight and makes my hair so manageable. My makeup must haves are my mascara and my blush, I always love full batty lashes and bright cheeks.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my style as simple, trendy and artsy. I love anything patterned and textured, adding accent pieces in purses, shoes, accessories or even a staple clothing item with a great print is my favourite. I love simple pieces as well, you can never go wrong with classic mixable pieces of clothing.

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

I love taking the time every couple days to give myself a really nice blow-dry, it makes me feel so much better and it looks great!

I always enjoy keeping my nails done as well, working so closely with people I feel that it always looks much more professional to have nicely manicured nails.

I also treat myself every few months to a good facial, it is my time to relax and it is such a rejuvenating feeling once it’s done.

Finally – what three words describe you best?

I would best describe myself optimistic, loyal and genuine.

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