Fabio Sementilli made the world a better place.

He was so passionate about the craft of hairdressing, education. He loved his family and friends.

He loved life.

This is the type of person we should be looking up to – not celebrities.

He always saw the glass as half full – his attitude was infectious. He embodied the essence of what a good human is.

He lives in all of us.
We must live everyday making sure we bring him out in all of us.
– Vanessa Fortino

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Education is our greatest advantage.
― Fabio Sementilli

He was a mentor.

I’ve interviewed and met a lot of stylists over the years.

I’ve read countless articles, posts and other interviews and he had an impact on so many of them.

I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many artists around the world. I have continuous respect for Fabio Sementilli who always allowed us to lead with culture and passion, and because of his trust without fear.
Paul Nasrallah

Sementilli mentored tens of thousands of hairdressers with a hands-on approach either on a one-to-one basis or on a grander scale.
– Modern Salon

The Accidental Executive

Fabio Sementilli. He was a great mentor. He trained me for one of my first world championships. He taught me more than just hair, it was passion, ethics, to follow your heart – things you need to hear at those times.
Rachel Fortino

I would have to say my hair idol would be Fabio Sementelli. He just has this passion for hair and the industry in general. He is always smiling, and positive, and for myself, that’s what really gets through to me. He’s a very inspirational person.
– Karla Fredeen

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It doesn’t seem fair. That something like this can happen to someone with such a big smile and an even bigger heart.

Our condolences go out to the Sementilli family and the lives of everyone he touched.

The best looking hairdresser does not win the race. Showing up on time, paying it forward, being consistent, sharing your weaknesses and strengths—these create the best hairdressers in the world.
– Fabio Sementilli

Momentum is the greatest force for change!
Fabio Sementilli

I’ll miss those airplane selfies, the fact that I never got a chance to buy him a cannoli or the opportunity to read his book that never got written.

The Accidental Executive - Bernardi Beauty Blog (1)

Instagram: @fabstyle67

Here is an excerpt from an interview Fabio did with Ramsey Sayah. I love the ending.

You travel a lot – Toronto – LA – New York City – Europe. How many airplane selfies do you think you’ve taken over the years?

Lol, outside of counting them one by one I would guess 50-60 flight segments per year, X 5 years so approximately 250-300 airplane selfies.

It’s amazing how popular the selfies have become and I always enjoy taking them – even if folks on the plane may think it’s strange.

By the way Ramsey they will become part of my book one day – The Accidental Executive.

Funny story, a flight attendant recognized me on a flight to Dallas and wanted a selfie to send to his mom, because his mother was a hairdresser and asked him to keep an eye out for me.

It really is all about the people.

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