Two things can make swimsuit shopping easier.

(1) alcohol

(2) knowing which style will suit your body type best.

We are going to try and help with option number two, although let’s be real – a glass of Prosecco wouldn’t hurt.

Remember – knowledge is power ladies.


I’m trying to be motivational, since most women dread this summer/beach vacation task.

So here are some ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ to finding your perfect summer swimsuit.

Pear Shape – Jennifer Lopez

Small up top and curvey at the bottom. It’s all about balance and getting the right coverage for your bottom half. Go with something that will draw the eye upwards – avoid bottoms with anything that will add extra bulk.


Victoria’s Secret PINK High Neck Crop Top

Big Bust – Katy Perry

You want something that will offer you more support up top – underwire/molded cups, thicker straps or bikini tops or swimsuits with high backs. Avoid anything that adds bulk/focus to your chest unless of course you are comfortable with showing the ladies off. It’s all about comfort and personal choice.

Small Bust – Kate Hudson

This is nothing a Victoria’s Secret bikini top can’t fix. No surprise – you should look for tops that focus attention on your chest – patterns and embellished detailing. Bra tops and padded push-up tops work wonders and give the illusion of a bigger chest.


Victoria’s Secret PINK Triangle Top

Athletic Body – Carmon Diaz

You are all one piece – less curvy. Create curves with styles that flaunt your frame. Swimsuits with cutouts, less coverage, embellishments or diagonal patterns work best – you want to create curves with lines.



Victoria’s Secret The Tiny Triangle Top and The Teeny Bikini

Hour Glass – Scarlett Johansson

You got yourself some curves – highlight them!




Victoria’s Secret The Forever Halter and The Forever Hipster

If you carry weight around the mid area. For a one piece – look for cross over fabrics or ruching. For a two piece – look for a high waist bottom and solid matte colors.

A tankini could work too – just stay away from anything that will draw attention to the mid section – you want to smooth it out.