I love doing interviews with friends. This one is a gem – I’m very lucky to have her in my circle. Here is my one-on-one with the lovely Joanne Desjardins-Robitaille.

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Every Mother’s Day I think of you – four kids so close in age and you still are all in one piece! How do you keep it all together?

I’ll let you know when I figure that out! Ha!

This question makes me think of a conversation I had with my girlfriends the other day.

We really should, as Moms, be more honest with one another through social media. Obviously we post the highly edited pics to describe the ideal image of our “perfect” life.

The other 95% of the time it’s a circus!

I assure you.

No – seriously. I do not feel like I’m keeping it all together. Most days I can barely catch my breath.

I’ve learned from my own mother who often reminds me – to pick my battles.

Sometimes my girls go to school without their hair brushed, because I don’t want to hear screaming at 7:30 in the morning when it’s tangled.

And my boys are in shorts when I’ve assured them it’s still too cold outside – but they’ll learn on their own.

When my children were all babies, it was exhausting physically, however I had a certain level of control over life.

Now at their ages 11, 10, 8 and 7 they have to make certain decisions on their own, and with all their extra curricular activities, it’s complete chaos so I need them to. I can’t be reminding 4 other people to brush their teeth, make their bed or finish their homework.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But it certainly is tough to find a healthy balance.

I’m very blessed to be able to get most of what needs to be done throughout the day, accomplished while the kids are at school, then when they get home – we can focus on them.

When my husband is home, he’s an amazing dad. Very hands on with all our children:) that helps tremendously.

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I love the family traditions you have – you and your husband are such great parents and role models for your kids. How did these special traditions start?

I owe that one as well to my Mom. She’s the queen of traditions. She still decorates their house for all special occasions including my birthday!

She still has some of the same tacky decor she bought when I was a kid in the 70’s! And my children love it.

It’s what makes a house a home. It’s what makes a group of people a family. Those little memories that only we know of. In the end – that’s what comforts us and warms our soul.

Knowing we can count on those moments with the people we love most, no matter what life throws at us throughout the day, months, or years.

Traditions are important to keep us grounded and coming back to our family always. It’s important to me that all my children carry that into their future with their own families.

Do you have any updates to tell us about with Rink Eye, since our last interview?

Tons! First off, the business is thriving, and we owe a huge shout out to our community for embracing it the way they have.

There are SO many people that enjoy the sport, it’s a whole world of its own.

We have just recently revamped our website www.rinkeye.com.

You’ll notice we now offer drop in sessions, along with memberships, open lanes, or ice rental for pick up games. Our virtual simulator served to keep a few golfers on their game this winter!

Our team and birthday parties have been a huge success!

Most recently, we have partnered up with our friends from 613hockey! This will enable us to deliver the hockey community more training and fun all in one spot!

Can you give our readers any hockey mom survival tips?

Nobody knows it’s wine in a coffee mug. That is all.

On a serious note – my honest opinion…

It’s a sport. Not a lifestyle.

Just enjoy watching them play the game. Don’t drop the rest of your life to accommodate it.

When it becomes a greater force in your family than it should – PULL BACK.

Most importantly. Remember they’re kids. And above all else they’re just trying to have fun.

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What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day memories?

Well, with my own mother – I remember my dad always gave her flowers.

He still does.

Mother’s Day is about breakfast in bed (sometimes I get toast with Nutella!)

My husband has booked brunch buffet the last few years at the golf course he’s a member at, we go with my mom and dad usually. The kids love it!

And I don’t have to cook or do dishes!

It’s perfect.

The kids dress fancy lol it’s cute. It’s Facebook worthy really! Hahaha

Truthfully, Mother’s Day for me is still about my mom, it’s about honouring her, all she’s been to her family all the sacrifices she’s made as a woman wife and mom. She still does, as a grandma now too. How deeply she’s influenced me as mother also comes to mind on Mother’s Day. #myrock

We also try to see my husbands mother and believe it or not – his grandmother.

How blessed are my kids to be able to share Mother’s Day with their GREAT-grandmother!

Girls Night or Day out are little sweet escapes from the everyday grind. What are some of your favorite ways to relax?

All the above!

I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in the last 20 years to accommodate my husband’s career, and it’s now my time free of boundaries, to take me time if I need it.

Just a couple months ago, I went to Dominican with a friend, and although I missed my family terribly, they survived and I came home better for it.

I love a quick weekday lunch! It breaks up the week’s routine, and allows me to see some of my girlfriends that I otherwise would not often have a chance to hang out with.

I’m lucky and thankful to have an amazing circle of friends. And anytime I can fit a social get together outside of “mommy mode” is appreciated! Charity events are a win win!

It doesn’t come easy. Speaking of which. Umm — when are we doing this dinner we’ve been planning for 2 months? xo