I first remember seeing Tiffany during the webcast of the 2013 North American Trend Vision Awards. Fabio Sementilli told the crowd how she lost the model used for her original entry, and how she hustled until she found a replacement.

Her “never give up and give it your all” attitude is what has made her a success.

Tiffany Bernard
Hair Stylist/Make-up Artist

Instagram: @tiffygotsthisHAIR
Website: www.tiffanybernardhair.com

The Harlot Salon | Los Angeles, CA

How did you get your start in the industry?

I knew that I always wanted to do something within the beauty industry. I had a love for makeup first, then got into hair school. Once I knew you can do so much with hair, and researched how much money you can make it was game over.

Of course every one wants to make a ton of money, but to do something you love to do every day and get paid for it? That is when it was life changing.

I love what I do, it’s my passion.

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I started working when I was 16, typical retail jobs. I’ve always been a hustler, so I knew coming into this industry I had to kill it.

Some hair stylists are so intimidated by this industry, because technology and social media are taking over. All I gotta say is – don’t compete with hair stylists out there, someone will always be better. Just be yourself, be real, and kill it.

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Leslie Corpuz  
Assistant Buyer @NastyGal
Fashion Editor @SuspendMag

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Tiffany calls Leslie Corpuz her favorite walking advertisement.

I was looking at your portfolio. How often do you get the opportunity to do editorial work?

When I assisted I had a lot of extra time for editorial work. I still try to get myself in anything I can, while being behind the chair.

Photo shoots are always a form of my creative side, I get to be the free spirit person that I am and just roll with the punches. I love networking with other artists in the industry, and getting out of my comfort zone.

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Collaboration with RETNA

Photo: Hussein Katz
Art Direction/Styling: Retna
Makeup: Ashley Gomila
Hair: Tiffany Bernard

What inspires your artistic vision?

I’m going to say photography inspires me. Taking pictures has been my new favorite thing. Just capturing that moment, that still image.

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Freeport, Bahamas

I also get inspired by traveling, I see so many different hair trends just looking at people going through different airports. Buildings and shapes, everything you put in front of me I can translate it to hair in some sort of way.

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Calle San Jose Viejo
San Juan, Puerto Rico

How would you describe your personal style?

Blunt and bold.

I’ve been told I have no filter, it’s not 100% true, but in most cases I don’t. I’m a very shy person believe it or not. It takes a minute to take me out of my shell. I kinda just go with the flow, I do what I want and don’t care what people think. I like to stand out and be different which is why my hair is rose gold and I’m covered in tattoos.

You have several tattoos – do they have any special meanings?

Tattoos are apart of my creative artistry side. I paint canvases all day, so why not get myself painted?

Yes, all my tattoos have meanings. My left arm is completely sleeved up, I get so many compliments. Even from people that are against tattoos – on how vibrant my colors are and this baby is 4 years old. It’s a combination of hair and makeup tools.

If you look closely I have, a round brush, makeup brushes, compact, cutting comb, shears, blow dryer, bobby pins, lipstick. All beauty junkie stuff.

I also just started my right sleeve. I didn’t have any room for anywhere else on my left arm so I over flowed to my right arm – getting a mandala color wheel.

It’s a color wheel with an eye in the middle of it. After finishing my Wella Master Color Program, I got this piece. It represents the color law theory.

The eye is basically my theory that when we were all born all we see is black and white, as we grow we evolve into a colored world. I feel as a stylist we are all starting off black and white, as we grow we see color in another abstract way.

My right arm will be random things that represent my personality. I wanted one arm to be my passion, and the other one to just be the other side of me.

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Adrian Caro, Tattoo Artist, Sacred Art Tattoo

Sometimes clients will go to the salon with unrealistic expectations. How important is good communication skills for a hair stylist and makeup artist, in order to give a client a look that will suit them and their lifestyle?

I can not stress enough how much communication is key.

I think social media has taken over so many peoples eyes, that filters and lighting just put clients in this position, they just don’t understand.

Time and pricing I feel is the biggest thing hairdressers fail on. In my last interview with Wella, I said, “I’m just Real I don’t sugar coat anything behind the chair.” It’s totally true.

Now, I am not scared to tell any client – your service will start at $300. I invested into my education and it was not cheap.

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My time is worth every penny; I also educate all my clients in my chair. The feedback that I get from them is amazing. Many of my clients say they learn so much just sitting in my chair for 3 hours than they have ever learned getting their hair done in the past.

I want my clients to be my walking advertisement, they need to know what I’m doing to their hair.

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What guides your work behind the chair and what advice do you have for new stylists coming into the profession?

Like most interviews I always say education is key.

Never stop learning.

I feel like taking advanced color education has helped me grow so much more as a stylist and working smarter not harder. Living in this generation take pictures! Don’t be afraid to tell that client I’m taking a picture of you. No one will ever know what you do till you show and tell.

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How did winning the 2013 Wella North American TrendVision Awards in the Student Category change your career?

It opened so many doors. I met so many great people in the industry! It also made my confidence sky rocket, and led me to believe that anything is possible.

Knowing that I’m competing with incredible talent around the United States and being a top 7, is rewarding. Ever since I won, I never skipped a year entering Trend Vision. Last year, I was in the top 7 again, for Young Talent. Even not placing, it was the best experience ever.

This year, was the first year I didn’t enter. Not because I didn’t want to but because I was traveling during the same dates of the competition.

Don’t worry I’ll be back next year.

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El Batey Bar
San Juan, Puerto Rico

I read an interview with Fabio Sementilli who is a strong believer in mentorship. Who are your mentors?

Brenton Lee, Wella Design Team Member. I was mentored under him for about close to 2 years. I learned the foundations of being a hairdresser, some business side of it, and to never sleep. For the most part, I just absorbed what I wanted to keep. Other than him being my mentor I opened a lot of doors for myself, I kept on top of my grind. Always trying to figure out what I can do next, networking, and just trying to get my name out there and brand myself.

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Freeport, Bahamas

I think that staying on top of the new trends, techniques and products are key to being successful in this industry. What importance do you put on education in your career?

All I do is educate myself.

I’m honestly always on Instagram stalking dope hairdressers. I find a way to take a class from people that inspire me. I want to find out every technique out there. If it’s going to make me more money and work faster I’m there.

I try to stay loyal to my color lines, but there is always something out there beating the best. I want to be like that, I want to be known as a stylist/colorist that can work with anything in their cabinet.

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@tiffygotsthishair: Candid shot of @VenaLove if you have not taken one of her classes, like she would say – you are definitely SLEEPING. #ColorVisionaries

I love to educate students as well.

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Here is a group shoot from Tiffany’s most recent Hair Painting + Social Media class at Citrus college Cosmetology.

I give back my time and knowledge to the hair school I graduated from Citrus Cosmetology in Glendora, California. I don’t think we had many guest speakers when I was in hair school, it feels rewarding knowing these students look up to me.

What do you love about traveling and how does it influence your work?

Right now, I’m totally on a travel bug. I am literally going to be going to my 7th destination next week. I created my hair blog to inspire, not only clients and hairdressers about hair, but also traveling. I feel like as a person being open minded is such a great thing to have.

Traveling is when I feel the most free and inspired.

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I do the most blogging on a plane. Looking at how others live their life, buildings, food is all just a different culture. I love coming back to my clients sharing with them what I do, and why I love traveling. People think traveling is so expensive, it’s not. It makes you a better person at heart, and will inspire you to appreciate your freedom.

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