It really is incredible when someone takes a passion and turns it into a career.

To be successful is even harder.

Tara’s career started out in finance but her true calling in life has always been fashion – she lives and breathes it. It hasn’t been easy but she has built a successful career as a Fashion Blogger, Stylist and Online Marketer.

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Instagram: @styledbytara.m

Tara Monfared
Fashion Blogger/Stylist /Online Marketer


When you first started out as a fashion blogger, what was the market like compared to now?

This market and whole industry is constantly changing – so it’s always a work in progress. From the algorithms to the up and coming competition and established bloggers, you always have to be on the ball with the latest techniques in terms of marketing and fashion. That being said, I truly love this industry and feel so grateful that I get to do what I love everyday.

You co-founded Trendy Bloggers, an online fashion and lifestyle magazine based out of Ottawa, in 2014. They say content is king, when it comes to blogs. How do you go about making those discoveries – that allow you to connect readers with people, places and events?

We have been super lucky to build a team of bloggers who are always staying on top of the latest trends, hot spots and events going on. With their help we are able to get closer to our goals and teach our interns the tools and resources to achieve their own goals in this industry.

You recently did a pop up shop at Oxygen Medi Spa. Closet space must be an issue for you. You’ve described your style as trendy with a dose of glam and a splash of street all mixed together. Do you have staple pieces that you build outfits around or do you like to refresh your wardrobe with the different seasons and trends?

I tend to invest most and splurge on my staple pieces and go for more affordable inexpensive trendy items to mix and match with my wardrobe. Trends come and go but the classics are what will always remain in my wardrobe so I care about the quality and fit when it comes to staples.

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Instagram: @styledbytara.m

Earlier this year recognized you as one of the top twenty bloggers. How does it feel to be recognized for something that you love to do?

I feel so blessed and grateful and never forget just how lucky I am to be working my dream job. I know first hand how sucky it can be to be working a job that you are not passionate about. I used to dread going into work on a daily basis. I had a great job that people were in line for but it just wasn’t for me and always felt that there was someone more deserving to take my place.

Now that I’m doing what I love I feel completely at peace and so blessed.

I read an article earlier this year on Forbes that talked about why influencer marketing will explode in 2017. I don’t think anyone can argue that this is true, especially with Instagram taking the fashion and beauty world by storm these past few years. Why do you think there has been this massive shift in our culture?

Absolutely. Marketing has completely shifted its direction in recent years and we have a lot more to see. Companies would rather work with influencers to promote their brand because they are regular everyday people that the average person can relate to, in comparison to super models and celebrities. Hence the reason the industry is booming and growing rapidly.

Aside from everything else, you are also a Stylist – what are some of the most memorable projects you have worked on in recent years?

I have had the honor of working with great people and made amazing friends along the way. I can’t pin point one particular project however a big milestone was having the chance to do segments on CTV Morning Live, where I styled models with the latest trends and styles for different seasons and occasions. I love anything that allows my creative side to shine.

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Instagram: @styledbytara.m

You have said that when you work with clients it brings you a lot of fulfillment, when you help them rediscover the joy of feeling and looking their best. What does it mean to you, when you help someone get to that moment of bliss.

For me it’s the biggest achievement and joy when I see someone feel good about themselves. If I can do that with something as simple as dressing them and putting together something to enhance their beauty, its all worth it.

Life can be hectic and at times, people tend to put themselves last in priority. So, when I get to style them and make them feel beautiful, I feel like it changes their quality of life, because to me confidence is everything.

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Instagram: @styledbytara.m