Laura Colasante
Makeup Artist/Beauty Expert

How did you get your start in the beauty industry?

I’ve always been very creative and interested in the industry, so I chose to change paths while in college and pursue makeup artistry. Right after graduating, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position with Chistian Dior which was a huge (and scary!) transition for me. From there I met a lot of people and made a lot of connections, I’m so grateful to have had that opportunity.

After viewing your portfolio, you obviously have a natural talent, but are you self-taught or professionally trained?

I attended Versailles Academy back in 2004, which was a great tool in helping me learn the basics of artistry. But to be honest, there’s a huge difference between theory training, and being in the field. I didn’t develop any of my techniques or eye for color until I was working and experimenting with colors and products on different clients.

You’re a Makeup Artist and Event Coordinator at Murale. What is a typical day like for you, and tells us about some of the events that you have planned.

My days are usually very jam packed! Being a Manager and Event Coordinator at Murale definitely keeps me on my toes. I have an amazing team of incredible artists/estheticians who are so seasoned in the industry. I love being able to do two things that I love and can be very creative with: Makeup Artistry and Event Planning.

I plan about 2 events every week in-store, but my favorite by far is our annual Look Good Feel Better Gala for Women’s Cancers. I’m very dedicated to this cause for personal reasons, and I have volunteered for Look Good Feel Better in the past. There’s nothing more gratifying than planning an incredible event to raise money for this organization by having a makeover extravaganza for all those who donate to the cause! It’s truly the event of the year and we are honored to have some very special guests along for the ride. October 4th is our next one…don’t miss out!

You have some photos from the weddings you have done, on your Facebook page. What does a typical bridal consultation involve?

There’s a few key things I need to know from the bride before a consultation. I always ask what her daily routine is, because we want her to look like herself and I need to know where her comfort zone is. I also ask what the theme of the wedding is, ex: a 50’s Hollywood theme would immediately prompt me to ask the bride how she feels about a red lip and classic eye. Consultations are so important, because we can immediately see how the look photographs, and if there is anything she would like changed before the big day, it’ll give us time to play with other looks!

When you do makeup for fashion shows, how collaborative is the process with the designers?

There is always a head artist on the team who meets with the designer and they sketch out the looks for the show. We are given a very quick run down of the look backstage prior to the show, before applying makeup on the models.

If we took a look in your makeup kit what would we see?

I’m used to seeing a few jaws drop every time I take out my kit! It’s a stackable kit that’s in 5 compartments on wheels. Lugging her around is definitely my workout for the day! I have products varying from Bobbi Brown, Makeup Forever, MAC, Chanel, Benefit, YSL, NARS. Many would be overwhelmed with the amount of products in my kit, but truth is I’ve tried many products in the past 10 years and I stock up on what I consider to be the best of the best in my kit. I’m used to doing multiple clients for each booking, so I like to keep skin care and makeup suitable for any skin type I may come across, whether they are dry, oily, combination or sensitive.

Do you have a daily beauty routine?

I’m pretty simple actually! I can’t leave the house without my Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Day Cream with SPF 30, my BB cream or Teint Idole foundation, a quick sweep of highlighter along my browbone and cheekbones, my Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner and a bold lip!

What are five beauty products you can’t live without?

  • YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick #15
  • Glamglow Tingling Mask
  • Guerlain BB Cream
  • Benefit They’re Real Mascara
  • Bioderma Sensibio

What is the most common mistake women make when applying or choosing cosmetics?

A lot of women tend to think that more is more. When it comes to makeup, the goal is to have a flawless, natural complexion. Some people make the mistake of thinking that if they put on a full coverage foundation, and lots of concealer, that they will look perfect. Reality is, you want to look fresh and rested. You can achieve this by using a tinted moisturizer/BB cream and the key to any flawless perfection…highlighting!

What one product should women never leave the house without?

Mascara. Framing and opening the eyes leaves the biggest impression.

What are some of your new favorite beauty products out in the market right now?

I am in love with GlamGlow Tingling Mask. It’s a clay mask that has Volcanic Pumice Rock and French Sea Clay which brightens the complexion, removes all impurities and completely smooths the face! I also love the new Brightening Concealers from NARS. Very lightweight, amazing coverage and it brightens to deter from any darkness under the eye. Two must haves!

Let’s hear some of your favorites…

fashion designer: Chloe
place to shop for clothes: Urban Outfitters

Do you have any style tips you would like to share with our readers?

Embrace your individuality. Don’t feel the need to follow what society labels as “trendy”. Be yourself, be creative and be confident in what you choose to wear.