I met Laila at a charity event here in Ottawa and we hung out for the better part of the day. Soon we discovered that we had a lot in common, including a love for coffee and shoes.

As the afternoon went on, we also discovered that neither of us were willing to walk to Starbucks, after being in heels all day. Here is my chat with Laila.

Laila Saikaley

 Silver Scissors Salon | Ottawa, ON
Water Salon Spa | Ottawa, ON


How did you find your way into the beauty industry?

It’s simple, essentially I married into the business and started full time with my husband Eli about 11 years ago. But, I’ve always had a love for fashion and beauty.

Most people underestimate and under value the role of a good manager. I think that they are the backbone of a business. What are the bulk of your responsibilities – and how do you keep it all running smoothly.

I agree that a managers role is the backbone of the business. It all comes down to our clients. I’m all about customer service and working as a team, it’s all about the experience and how we make them feel at the end of the day.

You’re a mother of three boys – how is it living in a house full of men. You’re out numbered!

I have been blessed with my three sons and my husband. Living with all men at home is quite the experience, I love it!

Obviously it’s all about sports at my house. I was a hockey mom for over 20 years and I was my kids greatest fan. Having sports at my house 7 days a week – I need my time for my female companionship.

I still can’t believe you have a son who is in his mid twenties. I was absolutely amazed! 
How do you keep healthy and looking so young?

Yes I had my kids at an early age and wouldn’t change a thing. I eat healthy and I wake up every morning grateful for a new day, always smiling and positive, it keeps me feeling young.

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You travel a lot – what are some of your favorite travel destinations?

I love traveling and new adventures.

Most of all I love traveling with my boys and creating memories. However, being that my boys are 25, 23, and 16, I am grateful that they still enjoy traveling with their mama. Lol!

Miami, Europe and Aruba among my favorites and still have so much more to do – South America, Asia and  Australia, are some of the places on my to do list

Your family is in Miami quite often. I love Little Havana and the outdoor malls. When I was there last – I went to Prime 112 Restaurant – the food was so good. I met Michael Irvin. Remind me to tell you the story the next time I see you. What are some of your favorite spots in Miami?

My family and I travel a few times a year to Miami, it’s our second home. There are so many places in Miami that I love and yes, Prime 112 is one and Baoli is another – it’s in South Beach.

Every time I go shopping I promise that I won’t come home with anything black. I fail miserably every time. I would say 75% of my closet is black, gray or charcoal. What about you? I already know the answer but our readers might not.

My wardrobe is all black – lol!

Yes, I do wear all black to work and it just seems that every time I go shopping, black is my go to.

We talked about food the last time we saw each other. Lebanese food is not just about Shawarmas. It’s actually a super healthy cuisine. I love Falafel and Pickled Turnips. What are some of your favorite dishes?

My favorite Lebanese dishes are pretty much all of it but Tabouli would be my number one.

Since we are a fashion and beauty blog, would you mind answering a few personal questions?
How would you describe your personal style?

I would say my personal style is classic with a modern edge.

Do you have a daily beauty routine?

I do have a beauty routine that I exercise every night before bed. Peels and Vitamin C are a must for me, my favorite products are by Natura Bissé from Spain, I can never be without it.

Let’s talk clothes – what are some of your favorite places to shop?

The only time I really get to shop is in Miami and my go to place is Bloomingdale’s. I enjoy wearing clothes that are soft and minimal, I found that is what I’m most comfortable with, followed by a beautiful designer shoe.

Who doesn’t love a great designer shoe!

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

There are so many ways I love to pamper myself, but one of my most relaxing is taking a long hot shower and using a coffee body scrub, followed by body oil and getting a good night sleep.

Finally pick three words that describe you best.

Three words that describe me would be fun, friendly and caring.