Katherine Dines

Host on Majic 100.3
Blogger, CHEO Moms & Dads/Ottawa Mommy Club
Actor/Voice Artist

Twitter: @KatherineDines

You have such an extensive career in media and entertainment. Where did you study and how did you get into the industry?

I fell in love with singing at 4 years of age through church and school choirs. Theatrics came in grade school. I felt at home on the stage. My Mother passed when I was four months old and out of that broken bond, a glass box crafted itself around my emotions. The songs and plays gave me a safe place to express. Connecting with the audience was so much easier than with friends and family.

I auditioned for everything. Various forms of expression lured my attention. Writing lyrics, poems and short stories. Sketching and painting.

I remember receiving a tape recorder when I was about 9 years old and it felt like someone had given me a million dollars. I recorded everything and everyone.

My passion for story telling and longing for adventure led me away from the lecture halls of University and to the TV & Radio Broadcasting program at Loyalist College in Belleville Ontario.

I actually started as a reporter, anchor, writer, and producer in radio and quickly transitioned to television where I had the unique privilege of writing, producing and anchoring solo newscasts. Human interest stories like triumphs, random acts of kindness and creative pursuits interested me far more than politics, crime and tragedy. So I took a co-hosting opportunity to focus on music, entertainment, community and volunteering.

I am fortunate enough to be represented by Mensour Talent Agency and some of my favourite projects include the voice of Sandy Banks in Hasbro’s Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD Game, writer for Warner Brothers’ Friends DVD Trivia Game and several small movie roles.

You are a blogger for CHEO Moms & Dads and Ottawa Mommy Club. How do you come up with the topics for your blog posts? I’m guessing having two daughters helps. I liked your post: Teenage Girls and Make Up – Is It A Moral Crime? 

I journal everyday. I write down stuff my kids say because it’s so sitcom absurd and the household humour keeps tense situations from blowing up, sometimes. It’s been a long time since One Day At A Time rocked audiences. Writing is more fun when it’s something I’m passionate about. My kids are at the top of that list. We have a very deep well of single parenting tales. I also like sharing the fun unique things we find around Ottawa or on our family road trips.

Your commitment to ethical and sustainable clothing is very admirable, and you make a great effort to practice what you preach. Why is this important to you?

First, as my kids enjoy reminding me, I am a hypocrite. I do my best to be a socially conscious shopper but not everything I own can be described that way. As and as I mentioned, consumers we have spending power. Just like votes, every dollar counts. I am doing my best to buy from local companies with give back policies and efforts to make the world a better place for everyone. Companies with ethical policies. It may not be much but it helps me feel good and that my children, grandchildren and all our future generations may look back with gratitude instead of saying wtf were you thinking.

You’re a big fan of Terra 20. What are some of your favorite products/lines that they carry?

I’ve become familiar with Terra 20 thru interviews I’ve done for Experts On Call on CFRA. They have such a diverse collection of goods and they do intense research which saves me so much time.

I enjoy the weekends they bring in vendors so you can ask questions about the products, how they conceived the idea and followed it through. I love inspiring stories of Mom & Pop businesses. If I connect with someone and believe in their sincerity, I remember their product or service and rave about it to everyone.

The One Love Headphones from the House Of Marley are a must try. You can demo them at Terra20. If you despise waste and favour true green cleaning supplies, check out the eco bar. Their staff is exceptionally knowledgeable, especially in the cosmetics section. The Daniel Thompson Beauty line is one of my favourites because I had a chance to interview the founder and ask him some tough questions about ingredients and regulations. The anti aging line feels amazing on the skin and the tinted moisturizer is a time saver. I also really like the Colora Henna in Auburn. The prices vary and are quite affordable.

Since we are fashion and beauty blog, would you mind answering a few personal questions?

Do you have a daily beauty routine?

As a single Mom with two daughters, it’s more like a hurry up and get cleaned up routine. Starting the day with stretching, a quick workout and meditation is what I strive for. That’s a 5am wake up call. I don’t always get it all in but the meditation is a must!

Wash my face with unscented goats milk soap. Occasionally a Green Beaver Grapefruit bamboo exfoliating scrub, Nature’s Aid Skin Gel & Bees wax face cream for moisturizing.

What is your biggest fashion pet peeve?

I don’t like seeing or hearing people making fun of anyone for what they’re wearing or not wearing. I know how that feels and none of us know the personal challenges another person has. Not everyone can afford a personal stylist or has that touch. Most of us are just doing our best to feel good about ourselves.

Let’s hear some of your favorites…

piece of clothing you own: A simple dress I recently bought on sale from Terra 20 for $54 from a brand called Horny Toad. The guarantee tag states that if you do not get a compliment within three wearings you can get a full refund! I received six compliments during the first wearing. It’s super comfy and easy to care for. I just bought another Horny Toad dress. I also enjoy Prana and Miik clothing brands.

place to shop for clothes: One Tooth in Westboro for work out gear. Terra20 for it’s eco clothing, accessories and footwear. Green Tree in Westboro, also an eco friendly clothing store.

hair product: Green Beaver, a company from Hawkesbury, Ontario makes awesome beauty care products including shampoos & conditioners with excellent ratings on the EWG.ORG website.

beauty product: Just started using the Daniel Thompson Beauty line and I’m loving it!

pair of shoes: I LOVE the Gold Button brand which I first found at Frou Frou in the Byward Market. So far I only have two pairs of their sandals but hope to find more styles. They are so comfy and I’ve actually had compliments. A rare combo to find comfy and attractive shoes.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’d describe my personal style as eclectic and practical. Growing up I wore mainly hand me downs or clothing crocheted by my grandmother which could be very embarrassing. We were quite poor. I was teased relentlessly. Bullied to the extreme. I had a knack for walking into a store and sticking like a magnet to the most expensive item without even seeing the price. Never having the money for it. I can still experience an extreme sense of guilt indulging in luxury. I have a Swarovski crystal belt that I bought several years ago. I’ve only worn it 3 times. It is body art! I also have these beautiful but ridiculous thigh high leather boots that I’ve only worn about a dozen times.

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

I enjoy experiences. Exploring new places, travel. LOVE concerts, especially outdoor concerts, sunny or muddy! Nature and music. Beauty pampering for the soul. If you’re looking for a more physical example, mani pedi, hair, make-up, and massage with some high quality dark chocolate and champagne. 

What is your favorite quote?

I have a gazillion favorite quotes. They are a quick and easy way to uplift and inspire. Helen Keller, “The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart.” As a child, I was so moved by the story of Helen Keller. She inspired me and gave me hope that I too could overcome my challenges, especially considering how great hers were.