There is art behind everything she does – her style, her profession, the way she decorates her home. Here is our one-on-one interview with jordanajane.

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Independent Artist – Microblading • Cosmetic Tattoo • Makeup Artist

Instagram: @jordanajane

Tell us a little bit on how you got into the beauty industry.

I’ve always been a bit obsessed with all things beauty related. I used to steal my mother’s lipsticks before I was allowed to wear makeup. At age 16 I began working as a makeup artist for a hair salon in Ottawa. Shortly after that I began working for M.A.C Cosmetics and ended my five year tenure there as a manager. I’ve done makeup professionally for weddings and events for the past 11 years. I am also passionate about trends as they relate to hair and fashion – all things beauty, really.

Where did you do your training for microblading and cosmetic tattooing?

I did my training for microblading and cosmetic tattooing with Mila Madden, a Canadian and global microblading training academy. I’ve also recently accepted a position as an educator and trainer for Mila Madden and will be travelling to teach the art of microblading starting May 2017.

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Did your background as a Makeup Artist help you understand the fundamentals of these two beauty processes?

Definitely. My background as a Makeup Artist grounded me in the fundamentals of facial symmetry and colour theory – two important parts of the microblading process. I understand how to use makeup techniques to enhance beauty based on facial structure, eye shape etc. and this applies directly to how I may build or shape a brow using cosmetic tattoo.

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There are always trends coming and going in the beauty industry. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of it all. Can you explain what the difference is between eyebrow tattooing and microblading?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that employs the use of a tiny blade formed through the alignment of multiple tiny needles. A microblading artist implants pigment, not ink, beneath the surface of the skin using strokes that mimic the look of an actual hair stroke.

Microblading is semi-permanent. You will probably need a touch up 1-2 years after your completed procedure (which means after the 2nd session). This being said, each client’s skin retains and breaks down pigment differently so there is NO guarantee of final results. Most clients require at least 2 visits as with a regular tattoo.

Someone I know once said – Nothing is more beautiful than the diversity of humans. Every face is different. Is this the approach you take when working with clients and the design process for their brows?

The most important part of my artistry is exactly that. I will NEVER create the same brow for two different faces. I work with 3 different factors as my influencers – the brows you naturally have, the brows you desire, and the brows I believe you can reasonably attain and that I feel will look best on your face. I work with each client to design a brow that they will love and that I can reasonably give them through the microblading process.

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Can you explain the stages involved for people who are considering going through the microblading process?

I complete the microblading process in two separate sessions about six weeks apart, allowing adequate time for healing between sessions. We start by examining the client’s own brows, numbing the area with a topical numbing cream, measuring out a shape carefully, and tattooing using pigment and a microblading tool.

I mix a custom colour is mixed for each and every client. Each client’s skin is analyzed prior to implantation in order to create a perfect colour, every time. The majority of clients’ tattoos stay true to color and lighten naturally and gradually over time. Blonder pigments will lighten more than darker brown ones. The colour will be reevaluated and adjusted if necessary at the 2nd session.

Your tattoo will look beautiful immediately after the procedure with minimal redness and swelling. For the next few days, however, your tattoo will appear darker and more intense than you may prefer. This will lighten up as you heal.

After the first session, clients are instructed to keep the area dry for three full days and then start moisturizing the scabs that will form in the following days. Aftercare is very important for pigment retention. The complete healing process will take about 6-8 weeks. Throughout this time you may see the tattoo lighten more than you want it to. Hold tight – the colour will resurface as your skin heals and exfoliates. This is totally normal – after 6 weeks you will see the true colour at which time you may book your touch up appointment to adjust colour and perfect.

Do you always do consultations beforehand?

I don’t always do in-person consultations, but I always have open dialogue about the process with each client before the process.

Everyone is different and everyone heals differently. People with oily skin types may find that their hair stroke tattoos will heal a bit more blurred than someone with dry skin where the stroke heal quite crisp-looking. This is due to the production of oil in the skin mixing with the implanted pigment.

People with little hair on their existing eyebrow area will have more of a 2D look than others with more hair.

If you have an existing tattoo and you would like to cover it, you will need to send a picture before booking in order to determine whether you are a candidate for semi-permanent cover-up.

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.

Working with clients – do you see the transformation in the way they carry themselves after they have gone through the microblading process.

That is the best part of my job. It is truly amazing to see the reactions of each one of my clients when they look at their brows after the procedure. It is so rewarding to give people the confidence to wear less makeup and love their brows again. Brows are a huge and important part of the face and they can change your entire look and I can give people beautiful and natural frames for their eyes.

I’ve given brows back to clients who have lost them in medical treatments and its an incredible feeling to having my clients leave my chair feeling more confident and more beautiful than they did when they arrived.

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I have always maintained that artistry comes in all forms. You have different artistic outlets – what inspires you as an artist?

I am inspired by so many things.

I am inspired mainly by nature, by flowers, by cities and by the people in them. I love street style in different cities and colours inspired by nature and travel.

I am inspired by models, fashion shows, celebrities, and people I see in my daily life.

I pay attention to current trends while embracing the influence of vintage styling. I definitely express who I am as an artist though my look, but I also paint, draw, and express my style through decor in my home.

There is art in everything I do.

You recently joined the @onefinebeauty team and are representing the Vancouver area. Tell us how that partnership came about.

Shannon Ranger, the founder of One Fine Beauty has been a mentor of mine throughout my career as a makeup artist. We’ve always had an incredible working relationship and when she approached me about joining her team, I was very excited. I believe in her agency and admire the ways she empowers the women she works with.

If we took a look in your makeup kit what would we see?

I don’t wear a lot of makeup these days! I am all about a natural and glowing face with minimal product. I obviously believe in a strong brow and I’ve microbladed my own so my brows are always done. Other than that you would find:

Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream

Becca Under Eye Brightening

Dior Lip Maximizer

Tarte Cheek Stain

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

Kevin Aucoin Concealer

M.A.C. Fix+

I don’t wear mascara!

What is the most common mistake women make when applying or choosing cosmetics?

Applying too much! Less is more with makeup – it’s my rule. Brush your brows, use creamy products and use your fingers to warm them up and apply them for a soft, diffused and beautiful look.

What one beauty product should women never leave the house without?

A signature scent and great brows.

If you could offer one makeup tip to all women, what would it be?

Pick your favourite feature and enhance that.

Don’t place too much focus on every feature. My favourite is skin.

Do you have a daily beauty routine?

My routine is all about skincare. I spend money on skincare over any other beauty product. I have an exfoliating routine, I drink a lot of water and try and get a good sleep every night. My beauty routine in regards to makeup changes day-to-day. Most days I just wear moisturizer, bronzer and some lipgloss.

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

A session in an infrared sauna, a pedicure, a bath with salts and essential oils and a big glass (or three) of wine.

How would you describe your style?

I am a total free spirit. My style is eclectic, kind of 70’s inspired, bohemian with a little edge. I embrace trend and always incorporate vintage pieces.