I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet this rising talent. She has the most fascinating life of anyone I know – so many stories and adventures to tell. Here is our two part Style Fix Spotlight with the fabulous Jackie Seabrooke.


Jackie Seabrooke
Freelance Makeup Artist/Hairstylist

Instagram: @jaxseabrooke

Tell us a little bit about how you got into the beauty industry.

Growing up I was a beauty junkie. I spent all my monies and allowance buying products and then I’d sit in front of my mirror and just play. It was my thing. When I got older I loved doing hair and makeup for friends special events but I never looked at it as a full time job until I moved to NYC after graduating college. It was then that I was exposed to the wonderful world of FREELANCE work. I had friends that were stylists, photographers, models, hairstylist and makeup artists and I was like, “Wait, hold up, you fully support yourself, NYC rent and all, doing hair and makeup for fashion magazines and .com work?!”
I was made for this! Like a dream come true.

It was then I started to assist different makeup artists and hairstylists on set until the day came where I received the emails and phone calls to be head stylist. I worked with Refinery 29, Departures Magazine, Zink Fashion Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Urban Outfitters, celebrity special events, weddings etc.


 Here are a few pictures from Jaclyn’s bridal portfolio.


 Refinery ICONomists photo shoot.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

You probably have one of the most fascinating lives of anyone I know, especially after seeing some of the photo shoots that have taken place at Canoe Studios. How do you soak all those experiences in?

I constantly have to pinch myself. I look at the success of Canoe Studios today and am constantly reminded of how much time and work my family put into building what Canoe Studios is today from scratch.

We are so very fortunate and blessed to have had it grow rapidly in the early years, seeing that other studios took 8-10 years to become fully established. We have the most incredible photographers such as Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, Russell James (Victoria Secret) shoot in our spaces for fashion magazines like Vogue, Allure, Harpers Bazaar, V mag, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Marie Claire you name it.

We will also host charity events, CD release parties and art installations. I especially love when fashion week season rolls in because we will host runways for fashion designers. My favorite designers are Marchesa. They make the most magical and dreamy dresses in the world. I think the biggest accomplishment and favorite memory for us as a studio was when Beyonce shot her, “ Love on Top” music video with us. We will never forget that day.


How did you find your way to Ottawa from NYC?

We hosted a hair event a couple of years ago for Wella Professionals. Ramsey Sayah, owner of Texture Hair Salon in Ottawa, was the guest speaker introducing the new Illumina line. He got chatting with my father and low and behold, had a mutual family friend who had referred my Father to Texture for a haircut when he was in town a few months prior for a wedding. We thought, what a small world it is! My dad introduced Ramsey and myself and said you two need to meet.

Ramsey and I talked hair and makeup and he said we should work together. I told him I had no formal training and had learned some basic styling from friends. He left saying we will work together soon you’ll see. Flash forward two years, I was getting asked more often to book both hair and makeup for shoots and special events and knew I wanted to get further training in hair styling, cutting and color. It was then Ramsey came to mind.

As an artist I am a perfectionist, I never want to feel inadequate in my work of art and I feel I should be continuously perfecting my craft by learning new things. So I called Ramsey and his first words were, “I have been waiting for this phone call.” I asked him where he recommended me getting training in NYC. He said come up to Canada and I will take you under my wing and train you. I said done and moved to Ottawa on September 15, 2015.


Texture Hair Salon has a team of award winning stylists, how has the experience of working there?

I was like a kid wide eyed in a candy store trying to soak it all up. Everything was new and foreign to me. I was blown away by the amount of talent in the salon and also impressed with how wonderful and refreshing the customer service was.

Most salons that try to maintain a boutique hotel feel seem very cold and sterile to me, but not Texture. They strive for professionalism and excellence in every way and at the same time maintain and fun and friendly environment. I loved that. Unlike any salon before.

I remember one of my first days, Suzanne Pack, who in my eyes was amazing and intimidated me in the best ways, asked me to put some gloves on and help her with a toner. I thought, “ WHO ME? NO WAY? I don’t know anything” she said, “ the best way for you to learn is by doing it and being hands on, not just by watching, so put on the gloves and come help me.” She and all the other stylists really pushed and encouraged me. It meant the world that they would take the time to teach me and help me. I cherish so many of the friendships I built there.


Texture Hair Salon – 2015 Wella Professionals Trend Vision Award 

Makeup: Jaclyn Emma Seabrooke

Hair Stylists: Left to Right (Top): Marie-line Begin-Rangel Perez, Damien Carvery, Hannah Currie
Left to Right (Bottom): Karla Fredeen, Suzanne Pack, Ramsey Sayah

This year you participated in Trend Vision. What was photo shoot day like? When you came up with the makeup looks, where did you draw your inspiration from?

There is nothing like being in a room where creativity is being curated and overflowing. It is magical and exciting to be apart and watch these stylists in their element bringing their visions to life. It brings me joy. I was honored to be apart and get the opportunity to do the makeup. Weeks prior to the shoot day, I had spoken with different stylists on what look, feel and colors they were going for so that in my private time I could come up with something that complimented their work. I made mood boards and pulled ideas from editorial shoots and fashion week runway makeup. Everything is so creative and different and I wanted my work to have that extra touch of something different too.


Photographer: Christian Oth
Stylist: Nichole Zuravleff
Hair: Jaclyn Emma Seabrooke

You also participated in a photo shoot for Sebastian Professionals What’s Next Awards this year. Tell us a bit about that experience.

I have had experience being behind the camera working in the photography and beauty industry but I had never had the experience of being a hair model for a prestigious hair competition.

Katrina Kuras is such a wonderful stylist, her work and creativity are so edgy and different. She was a blast to work with. The look she went for was very avante garde. It is fun to get behind the camera and turn on the switch of playing a character and role. You surprise yourself at what you can do when you see the outcome of work. The photos turned out so wonderful we found ourselves stuck at choosing which photo to go with. That no matter what the outcome we were proud of ourselves.


2015 Sebastian Professional – What’s Next Awards  
 Weeping Willow by Katrina Kuras

Check back next Friday for part two of Jaclyn’s spotlight – where you’ll get to know a little more about her as well as her New York state of mind.

Cee lo Green's Personal NY Makeup Artist

How cool is this?! Jacyln is Cee Lo Green’s personal NY Makeup Artist.