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Ashley Lawrie Farant
President, Free Form Fitness 

Website: Ashley’s World
Instagram: @AshleyAnnLawrie

Ashley Lawrie is all about passion – she is a rising business woman in Ottawa – President of Free Form Fitness and Make-up Artist.

Health, fitness and beauty – it makes for a perfect combination.

You have been involved with the beauty industry since you were 14 – tell us about how you got your start.

I was at my brother’s hockey game when one of the other players mother had asked me if I would be interested in being an assistant at a hair salon and spa in town. It stemmed form there and I never looked back! I love the industry!

In April of this year you received your diploma from the Versailles Academy for Professional Make-up Artistry. Congratulations! Tell us about this achievement.

I had been contemplating getting the diploma for quite some time. My boyfriend told me to just go for it and even surprised me with a makeup vanity table – I had no choice at that point!

I love your website – Ashley-Ann Lawrie – Make up to go. How long did it take you to launch the website?

It took quite some time to create. I wasn’t happy with my first design and turned to my brother for some help. With our busy schedules– it took about 2 months to launch. I did not want to launch something that was done fast just to get it out there. An artist takes their time.

On top of everything else you do there is also a blog on your website. I think my favorite post is El Presidente posted on May 29, 2014. I agree with it 100%. You have a lot to be proud of – President – I would shout it from the roof tops.

Wow, thank you! It was definitely a surreal moment. I’ve worked so hard therefore that was extremely an emotional post. Hard work pays off. There were triumphs and failures to get there. You have to pick yourself back up and keep moving forward. Even when life keeps throwing you curve balls.

What inspires your blog posts? It’s really a mix of everything.

I really wanted to be different and inspiring. This was an outlet to help me communicate my thoughts, my goals, my adventures, my inspirations, my mentors, my life lessons and anything else that comes to mind. I look at our new generation who are all about social media. If you can’t beat them – join them. I’ve met so many young people who simply need a push in the right direction. If I can help one person in any possible way that I can then it’s all worth it.

How was it like meeting Mario López?

I was acting a fool. I grew up on Save by the bell. I have a thing for dark haired men. That shot was taken with my brother’s iphone. It was a perfect shot at the perfect timing! I feel lucky to have had a kiss on the cheek by A.C. Slater.

Health, fitness and beauty – it makes for a perfect combination. How have your careers at Free Form Fitness and your involvement in the beauty industry influenced each other?

I knew I always wanted to help people. I had started with a generalized program at Algonquin for Nursing as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. My best friend (we’ve been best friends for almost 14 years now) and I were both in the beauty industry fairly young as part time jobs. She is certainly a creative and artistic person. My brother had won Mr. Junior Canada (all natural) and had been in the fitness industry since I was 11 years old. I was luckily inspired to live a healthy and beautiful life at a young age!

If we took a look in your makeup kit what would we see? 

I have more brushes than you can imagine. I am a MAC junkie. Everything from primer, BB creams, concealers, eye shadows, lipsticks, and blushes – you name it.

What is the most common mistake women make when applying or choosing cosmetics?

Choosing the right cosmetics can be tough – ask a professional. I had gone to see three different makeup artists to really understand what works for my skin, eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones, lips and lashes. I did the course after that to learn how to help others. A common mistake that I’ve seen people go really heavy during the day or very minimal for the night. I’ve also seen the excessive mascara and heavy black liner to give a darker eye. The lashes look heavy and clumpy. Of course the proper colored foundation (and applying it properly).

What one beauty product should women never leave the house without?

I have a least three lipsticks in my purse and a compact powder foundation. You never know what can come up whether it is a meeting or event. You always want to look your best.

If you could offer one makeup tip to all women, what would it be?

I rarely wear makeup during the day – believe it or not. I really love a natural look. I am fair skinned and love that I am. I focus on eyes – there are just so many options to work with!

Do you have a daily beauty routine?

I wear tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 and SPF lip balm during the day. I stay out of the sun and will wear a hat if I am outside. Allow your skin to breath and have a proper cleansing routine with toner, moisturizer and eye cream. I use a face scrub once every two weeks for the dead skin and get a facial minimum 3 times a year.

Let’s hear some of your favorites…

fashion designer: I am loving Yves Saint Laurent right now. Always classy.
piece of clothing you own: I love dresses
place to shop for clothes: Aritzia and Holt Renfrew (bye Ottawa location!)
pair of shoes: My faves are my Jimmy Choo flats but am also a fan of Steve Madden – I don’t like shoes that hurt my feet!
accessory: Tiffany & Co bracelet with my Pandora bracelet. Both were gifts from special people in my life. Unless it is meaningful – I don’t wear many accessories.

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

I am a sucker for a good massage. I get one once a month!

How would you describe your style?

Depends on the day and what I am doing. If I am at work, I wear gym clothes. If I have meetings or events; I dress up and keep it professional. On weekends; my style is a mix of urban meets simple meets edgy. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I have a curvy body frame and love to work with it!

What is your favorite quote?

“In business, as in life, all that matters is that you do something positive.”
Richard Branson

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share with our readers?

My number one focus is running a well reputable company such as Free Form Fitness. We have a lot of new innovations that will be launching by the end of this year. Makeup is my creative outlet and hobby. It allows me to be artistic. I have an incredible team that works very hard. I would never be where I am today if it wasn’t for them.