Antonia Stieda-Sanne
Operations & Sales Director, PRIDE & EGO


UPDATE: Since our interview Antonia has moved on to another position within the fashion industry and is the Assistant Inventory Advisory for Nordstrom.

When did your career in the fashion industry start?

I supposed it started with my first retail job at age 16, however I think I really became involved and interested when I started modeling with Angie’s Models & Talent International.

Did you always have a passion for fashion? (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme…)

I’ve always loved fashion, cutting out Vogue images to make collages and such, however I think my personal style only began to emerge a few years ago as I used to follow trends a little too closely.

You’ve done a lot of volunteer work – why is giving back important to you?

I think volunteer work is something incredibly rewarding but also something necessary for those who can give back – to do something for those less fortunate. I really enjoy being able to make a difference in other peoples lives but also find it incredibly interesting to involve myself in different types of work – for example building a school in Guatemala and ESL tutoring at the women’s transitional refugee home were very different types of experiences but both were amazing.

What are 5 pieces of clothing that every woman should have in their wardrobe?

Dark well fitted denim to dress up or dress down, a great blazer, a pencil skirt, trench coat for spring and fall, and neutral accessories that match almost everything (i.e. black day heel, nude day heel, black and cream colored bag to match most shoes and clothes).


Tell us a little bit about your role as Operations & Sales Director at PRIDE & EGO.

At PRIDE & EGO I do a bit of everything, although I mainly focus on operational processes to allow all aspects of the business to be executed properly and ensuring that our creative vision is translated in everything that we do. This includes running our online editorial and website, social media platforms, working with our contractors (lawyers, accountants etc), curating all our website and editorial content (i.e. organizing and attending photo shoots and interviews), finances, human resources, attending fashion industry events and almost anything else you can think of other than actually designing clothing and photography.

What initially caught my eye, when I first came across the PRIDE & EGO website, was the classic and timeless pieces – the t-shirts in particular – even the logo itself. If I being honest the models had something to do with it too.
What is one men’s fashion look, which will never go out of style?

I hope tapered pants never go out of style! Honestly it sounds predictable but a look, which regardless of the details is never out of style, is a man in a suit. There’s just something about it, fashion will never become so casual as to make the suit obsolete.

This city has a reputation for being very conservative, but I think that is slowly changing. I would love Ottawa to be alongside Toronto and Montreal, when people think of Canadian fashion meccas. Where would you like to see the Ottawa fashion industry in 5 years?

Of course I want to see Ottawa alongside the Canadian fashion cities, however with this preconceived notion that the industry has of the city it’s difficult to break that image. That being said, we have a lot of talent and I would love to see an expansion in the menswear market, which is likely the most rapidly expanding market with the most amount of opportunity right now. I think this would also help Ottawa out with how it is perceived and get it closer to where Montreal and Toronto are right now.

Since we are a fashion and beauty blog, would you mind answering some personal questions?
Do you have a daily beauty routine?

Yes definitely! In the mornings I use Seacret’s mud soap to wash my face, and then moisturize it with Vitamin A & E cream. I only blows dry my bangs and then straighten out any kinks in the rest of my hair once its dry. In the evenings I use Seacret’s Milk Cleanser to remove make up and then use their toner as well as a vitamin E night cream and nutritional eye cream.

Let’s hear some of your favorites…

fashion designer: I’ve always been a Chanel girl but lately I’ve been obsessed with Stella McCartney and Burberry.
piece of clothing you own: My Zara winter coat.
pair of shoes: 
Marc Fisher heels I got in NYC – so comfortable.
accessory: My leather scarf.

What is your biggest fashion pet peeve?

For girls its leggings as pants, I just can’t get over it. If you have a structured pair of leggings and you wear it appropriately there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s those thin see through ones that girls wear instead of pants that get me, if I can see the color of your underwear we have a problem.

For men its that they buy their suits too big – men have a tendency of buying suits at least a size too big or purchasing off the rack suits and not tailoring them. There’s nothing more ridiculous than a guy who is wearing a nice suit, shirt and tie whose pants are three inches two long and bunching up on their shoes.

What are five beauty products you can’t live without?
The Seacret Toner I mentioned earlier – better than any toner you’ve ever tried I promise, Lancome Mascara, Eye cream, Vitamin E night cream, Tea tree oil.
What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

It sounds kind of boring but I love getting a pedicure, it’s a nice treat as I usually don’t have time for it.

How would you describe your style?

I’d say its classic. I wear a lot of pieces that can transition as dressy or casual, I do like wearing edgier pieces but I will pair them with something a bit more chic so as to always maintain that essence of classic style.