I’ve always believed that everyone should develop their own personal style.

You can’t just live off trends – that would be boring.

There are some things that have become part of my personal style – trucker caps, black leather leggings, camo print and beanies.

For jewelry – I love the look of stacking necklaces. It’s become my thing – even my 4 year old niece knows it.

So when I was approached by oNecklace to work together again – I said yes – obviously.

NOTE: One of the perks of having my blog, is that I get an opportunity to collaborate with different artists and brands. Although if I’m being honest – the number I turn down versus those I actually agree to work with, is about ten to one. I made a personal decision a while ago to do these things only if it felt right or made sense for my brand.

One of the biggest reasons people end up wearing the same piece of jewelry over and over again, is because they don’t know how to mix and match pieces.

This post will focus on tips that will help you put together different stacking necklace looks.

I put looks together based on three things:


There are (5) standard lengths for women’s necklaces – to give you a better idea of how they fall – this is how they fit on my neck.

14″ necklace | fits like a choker – I generally stay away from this length
16″ necklace | falls around the base of the neck like a collar
18″ necklace | sits on the collarbone
20″ necklace | falls just below the collarbone
22″ necklace | falls at the bust


Silver | Gold | Rose Gold


When you stack necklaces, the combinations are endless. And although there are really no rules to it, here are my 5 tips for styling your own looks.

(1) I never stack more than three necklaces at once – I think anything more and the chains would get too tangled.

(2) The different lengths I use depend on the neckline of my outfit – the deeper the cut – the longer the chains.

(3) I always like to include one of my personalized pieces or a medallion – to use as a focal point.

(4) If I am wearing the same chain material – I mix-up the chain styles to add some texture.

(5) If I am mixing materials – I try to stick with chains that have a similar look – so it flows together.

Personalized pieces or medallions are my favorite – because they stand out and are unique. The latest piece to my collection is the initial of my last name. It’s small and delicate but it still stands out.


Length: 16″ Chain (40cm)
Material: Rose Gold Plating
Style: Box Chain
Clasp: Spring-Ring Clasp

So like everything else in life, you have to take care of your jewelry too.

Click here to read tips from oNecklace on how to care for your gold plated jewelry.