To be successful and have longevity in the beauty industry takes a combination of things. It’s not just about skill and artistry, it’s also about passion, people skills, hustle and the willingness to continually learn and evolve.

In honour of Hair Stylist Appreciation Day on April 30th I have asked some industry veterans to share some words of wisdom or secrets to success.

Instagram: @mikaatbhc

Mika Rogerson
Hair Artist + Salon Owner

Instagram: @mikaatbhc
The Boulevard Hair Co. | Greenville NC

To begin, here is a little bit about Mika…

As well as being a multiple nominee, she was the 2017 BTC #OneShot winner for Hair Paint of the Year.

She is a member of the BTC TEAM.

She has been featured in online publications including in Alllure Magazine, Elite Daily and is a columnist for

Mika loves to do styled shoots and her ultimate goal would be to create content for magazines.

Mika is a great champion for this industry.

The advice she is about to give to new stylists is heartfelt and sincere. Mika truly wants everyone to be successful in their own right.

Instagram: @mikaatbhc
Education is key – do it as often as you can.

Education is so accessible now, you don’t need to sit in a classroom anymore. Take advantage of all the resources available to you whether it is through the BTC University website, YouTube tutorials or posts and videos on Instagram.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Although it is good to use other artists as inspiration, don’t let it discourage you if you are not at their level. Everyone is unique with something new and exciting to bring to the table – that is what will make you stand out in the crowd.

Instagram: @mikaatbhc
Don’t let fear hold you back!

Take initiative and don’t let fear hold you back from moving forward in your career. It’s important to remember that everyone was a beginner at some point. If you have questions or want to ask a more established stylist for advice, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.