To be successful and have longevity in the beauty industry takes a combination of things. It’s not just about skill and artistry, it’s also about passion, people skills, hustle and the willingness to continually learn and evolve.

In honour of Hair Stylist Appreciation Day on April 30th I have asked some industry veterans to share some words of wisdom or secrets to success.

There are so many amazing artists in the beauty industry and it’s always a honor to feature them on my blog. Last year, I had the privilege of interviewing Vanessa.

I’m such a big fan of her editorial work. Every collaboration she works on is so different – it shows her range as an artist.

Vanessa told me a few weeks ago, that some of her editorial work came after she emailed a magazine in Denver, using her Instagram as her portfolio.

Her success is absolute and definitive proof that you don’t have to live in New York City or Los Angeles to work on amazing editorial projects.

Vanessa Whitmarsh
Cutting + Styling Specialist. Educator. Event Producer.

Instagram: @vwhitmarshhair
Vida Salon | Denver CO


My words of wisdom to stylists is say YES to everything! You never know who you’ll meet or where you’ll end up.


The worst they can say is no, and then you try someone else! If you wait for someone to ask you, you might be waiting for a long time.

Monochromatic @303magazine
Model: @reilly_blake_ @heather_heath97
Stylist: @cheycdickerson
Photographer: @rebecca_grant_studios
Makeup Artist: @marcodelight
Hair: @vwhitmarshhair
Clothing: @pinksdenver @garbarinishop
Location: Denver Rock Drill


Any look I do for a shoot or hair show has been practiced several times before the big day.

Featured photo credits left to right:

Cut + Style: Vanessa | Color: Kat Gray | Makeup: Jonathan Krugman | Photo: Nico Nordström

Hair: Vanessa | Makeup: Jonathan Krugman | Collaboration shoot with Diana Rocha Skrabanek

Hair: Vanessa | Makeup: Jonathan Krugman | Collaboration shoot with Diana Rocha Skrabanek