Saki Shears online shop includes: Hair Shears, Thinning Shears, Shear Sets and Student Hair Shears.

Types of Hair Shears

Cutting Shears: Cutting shears or hair scissors are your straight edged hair cutting tool.

Thinning Shears: Thinning shears are used to thin and blend the hair without altering the hairstyle. They remove 50% of bulk from the hair. Thinning shears have one straight edge blade and one which has a comb like appearance called teeth.

Texturizing Shears: Texturizing shears are used to add style and texture to the hair and remove 20% of bulk from the hair.

My Mother says hair tools are investment pieces – so when you purchase them, make sure it is an informed decision.

What are you cutting with now and are you satisfied with the length, weight, handling and type of blade.

Are you suffering from ergonomic issues: hand/wrist/fingers.

What type of cutting will the hair tool be used for: point cutting, texturizing, for use on wet/dry hair etc.

Saki Tomika Hairdressing Shears and Scissors with Hair Razor and Leather Carrying Case

Details: An excellent shear for both the beginner and novice stylist, the Saki Tomika Hair Shear features an offset handle and ergonomic design to reduce fatigue and muscular tension while allowing you to cut in a natural hand position reducing the risks of carpal tunnel. Comfort ring design eliminates rubbing and friction for a more comfortable and relaxed feeling.

Handmade and constructed using Japanese 440C stainless steel and featuring a convex edge and triple-honed blade, the Saki Tomika Hair Shear provides smooth cutting and precision for the finest cut, every time.

Pink ring and jewel design adds a pretty touch to this professional hair shear.


Material: Japanese 440C Stainless Steel
Blade: Japanese style convex blade with hardness 60-61 HRC
Removable thumb rest
Two-Piece Welded
Size: 5 and 5.5 inch
Includes Hair Razor and Leather Carrying Case.

Here is our Mother’s review of the Saki Tomika Hairdressing Shears and Scissors with Hair Razor . She started her career in the 60’s so she knows her hair tools.

Scissor: Aesthetically – it was a beautiful and rich design. What I liked about it the most was the nesting of the fingers on the tool. The construction of the handle is curved to the shape of your fingers so it allows for more precision and control over the cut. I would have preferred if the tips were pointed, the design now limits the use of the scissors. I wouldn’t use these to finish the neckline on a short cut – because I wouldn’t get a clean finish.

Razor: At first I found the grip of the razor a bit awkward, but with use I found it more comfortable. The thumb rest and swivel of the finger ring made the razor easier to control – and put less tension on my wrist.

Leather Carry Case: I like the way it was designed. It holds all the tools securely and is durable so it will protect the scissors and razor from getting damaged.