To be successful and have longevity in the beauty industry takes a combination of things. It’s not just about skill and artistry, it’s also about passion, people skills, hustle and the willingness to continually learn and evolve.

In honour of Hair Stylist Appreciation Day on April 30th I have asked some industry veterans to share some words of wisdom or secrets to success.

Jessica Scott Santo
Master Stylist + Educator

Instagram: @jessicascotthair
Jessica Scott Hair | Sciota PA

Social media has had a huge impact on the beauty industry, it has given artists a platform to showcase their work to the world, as well as, an opportunity to grow their clientele and visibility.

Jessica Scott Santo is a stylist, educator, salon owner and mother of three. Even though her plate is full, in a short time, she has built her brand on Instagram (60K + followers and counting) and is gaining some amazing opportunities from it.

Hard work, determination and consistency pays off!

It is not an easy thing to do, but it can be done if you are willing to put the time into it.

Jessica is always sharing advice on her Instagram page. Here are some of her tips on getting that perfect shot.

Let’s talk about pictures!

This is a picture I snapped in my chair versus outside “indirect” lighting.

You might have the best technique and the most beautiful picture worthy photo, but not getting the right light or shot makes it a bust!

You want to post the most captivating picture in order for someone to stop in their tracts to view it!

There’s no excuse in the world to say that you do not have time to take a picture (unless you don’t care about posting your work!)

Give at least 15 minutes extra per client to snap those wonderful photos.

Take over 100 shots 📷

You can use different shots to use in the future if you run out of material to post – take an up close shot, side shot, hair blowing in the wind…

Remember, Instagram is free to market yourself and your work!