I know so many people that struggle to find the right products that will provide coverage for dark circles, pigmentation issues, facial redness or blemishes.

What products do they need to use, which brand, what order to apply them. It can all be a little confusing and overwhelming.

Ottawa makeup artist and beauty expert Yelena Perunov, recently offered great tips and product recommendations that will help you achieve great coverage.

Yelena Perunov

Instagram: @yelena.makeup.art
Makeup by Yelena | Ottawa ON

Makeup with benefits…

This foundation is so high in pigment (33%), that you don’t need a separate product to conceal those under eye dark circles or any blemishes.

And, imagine how long this bottle will last if you’re using so much less than your standard bottle of foundation!

Products used…

DERMABLEND Professional insta-grip jelly primer
DERMABLEND Professional flawless creator foundation
DERMABLEND Professional Loose Setting Powder

You can customize your look depending on the occasion and the coverage you desire.

Sheer to light coverage…

You only need about half a drop of foundation to give yourself a sheer to light coverage.

Full coverage…

For full coverage, you will need one full drop of foundation.

Here is how to use the powerful combo…

Step One:

I started off with the primer which is silicone free. It is 3-in-1 as it acts as an instant moisturizer, provides a subtle lift to the skin and prolongs the wear of your makeup.

Blend it with quick small strokes outwards using your fingertips and not in circular motion as you want the product to absorb and dry.

NOTE: It will feel a little sticky at first – this is how it tightens and lifts the skin. Once blended, that sensation disappears quickly.

Step Two:

I followed it up with foundation (mine is shade 10C). I applied it using a round tapered foundation brush (my favourite is by Lise Watier).

Step Three:

I locked it all in place with the setting powder. This is my favorite as it will not give flashback when you take photos (you won’t look ghostly white!)

SIDE NOTE: I specifically didn’t wear much of anything else besides mascara gloss and blush to focus more on this crazy coverage you get! (I normally do a lot more with my eyes.)