So two things come to mind when I think of bikinis.

One – men have no idea how easy they have it. They only have to shave their face. Some of them don’t even do that. Women – to wear a bikini – need to devote time, money and pain. We have to shave everywhere and on a regular basis. It never stops. Unless you are willing to spend a small fortune on permanent hair removal.

Seriously – if I ever hear a man complaining about having to shave – I might have to punch them.

Okay – enough on that.

Two – how can material that is less than a tea towel cost so much. It’s nuts right?! The prices for bikinis are crazy. I bought three for a trip I took to Miami – it cost me $300.00 and I ruined the bottom for one of them from sitting in the pools.

I love mix and match bikinis – the freedom to choose whatever top and bottom you want. So when I saw some in a Venus catalog I came across at work – I thought I’d try them out.


I’m not crazy about the clothing – but I love their mix and match bikinis. They have lots of different styles and colors to choose from.

I bought two bikini tops and one bottom.

I loved the tops.

I took a no-head bikini top selfie to show you how one of the tops fit.

They both were comfortable, I liked the fit and they are made well. It comes with extra padding but I didn’t use them – I found it a bit awkward.

Pool Season - Bernardi Beauty Blog (2)

Right: Enhancer Push-up Top in Plum, Left: Enhancer Push Up Triangle Top in Cobalt Blue

Now as for the bottoms – that was a bit of a fail.

I got the swim short – or boy short – in the black. When I looked at the sizing chart – I must have misunderstood it – because I got a size 6. When I tried them on – I was swimming in them.  I should have gone with a size 4.

So my advice is be careful when choosing your size for the bottoms.

Size and fit are so important when buying swimwear. You want something that is going to flatter your body type and fit well. They are so many options available now – one piece, tankinis, bikinis – fabrics, colors the list goes on.

Whatever you get make sure it feels good – comfort is everything. Plus, you don’t want to be constantly worried that something is going to pop out.

Check out the Bikini Tops Glossary on the Venus website – click here. They also have a Fit Guide – which has a lot of useful info.

Good luck ladies!