She is still fierce, passionate, dedicated and ambitious.

Believe it or not it’s been almost two years since our interview with Nouha. Life and its opportunities have taken her career down a new path – let’s find out what she is up to now.

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Nouha Julienne
Freelance Model • Makeup Artist • Brand Ambassador / Influencer

Instagram: @nouhajulienne

A few months back I read an online article in Forbes magazine called Influencers Are The New Brands which said: Influencers are the golden children of marketing strategies right now. You have a unique appeal. It’s not only your looks and unique mix – you have an authentic vibe. How important is staying true to yourself – when building your brand.

It’s very important to me because I wouldn’t want to sacrifice who I am and allow other things to turn me into a person I’m not or make me do things that I’m not necessarily comfortable doing. In turn, it’ll make me respect myself. I stay true to myself because the key to failure is trying to please everyone.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Even though a lot of people on Instagram think they are models – it does take a fair amount of skill to know how to work the camera. You are a natural. Have you always been comfortable in front of the camera?

Thank you! Since I was a little girl, I was always told by family and friends that I should be a model. I’ve always felt comfortable and at ease in front of a camera. I feel like it’s a place where I can be myself but also bring out sides of me that I wouldn’t necessarily bring out on a day-to-day basis. It’s almost like having different alter egos!

What music do you listen to during photo shoots to set the mood?

I usually listen to anything that will make me want to loosen up! I don’t have a specific genre but I’ll usually put on a playlists that includes artists like Drake, Chris Brown, Wizkid, etc. or old school hip hop and R&B!

Who are some of your favorite photographers to work with?

I’ve had the opportunity of working with so many local photographers that I can call my friends today. To name a few, Jester (@613ninja), Alex (@alexandrebrault), Rohit (@akarohit).

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Photo Cred: @613ninja

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Photo Cred: Alexandre Brault

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Photo Cred: @akarohit

What are some of the Canadian fashion labels that you have collaborated with?

The majority of the brands that I’ve collaborated with are not Canadian. However, I’ve been collaborating with local Ottawa-based brand Zargara for a few years now!

Also, I’ve had the chance of collaborating with brands like Coach, Jord Watches, Mikasa Beauty, Cazal Eyewear and Royal Tribe Clothing.

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Photo Cred: @zargaralabel “Be Your Own Kind” Act 2: Self look-book // full online experience click here // @mozy_fitness @nouhajulienne shot by @the.architxct.

Where do you see the future of Canadian labels in the next five years?

The Canadian fashion scene has become more and more relevant since I first started modeling and working with clothing labels in 2014. I think that we are creating a buzz that’ll keep growing!

You are now freelancing as a makeup artist – this seems like a natural progression for you with your background in the fashion industry. What inspires your looks and what type of work do you like doing best?

Exactly! Makeup was a natural progression and the more I practiced and learned new techniques, the better I got and the more confident I was to do other people’s makeup. I consistently watch YouTube tutorials by my favorite makeup bloggers and I keep up with makeup Instagram pages to keep my looks relevant and to give me inspiration.

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Instagram: @nouhajulienne Make-up Looks 

I think art comes in all forms – painters, models, hair stylists, chefs, photographers. Do you see yourself as an artist?

I definitely consider myself an artist. Art is creating something with your imagination and expressing your ideas and feelings. Not only am I a model and makeup artist, I engage in various activities that create or demonstrate an art so I definitely like to think of myself as an artist!

I love the captions for your Instagram posts. They are very empowering. What is a caption you would use for Nouha Julienne in 2017.

Thank you! There is a caption that I used recently that really stuck with me.

The only time I look back is to see how far I’ve come.

That quote always reminds me that I’ve come a long way and that I should never stop working towards my goals.