So let’s start from the beginning – how did Canvas Entertainment come to fruition?

Alright, so the name canvas was always part of me and my persona. I consider myself a canvas, as I am living through the art on my body.

I’ve always loved hosting and organizing small, home private events for friends and family. My friends have been asking me for the past couple months now to organize or do something.

I have a close friend who sends me music everyday and that morning that one song did it – it just came to light. I asked him what he thought about showcasing all his new music with an album release party and that was it. My head just exploded with ideas.

I love the tropical feel of your logo – the colors are so vibrant. What was the inspiration behind the look?

My logo represents me – different edgy and a colourful spirit. I’m quiet on the inside and loud on the outside.

I like to think outside the box and be different.

What types of services do you offer?

The services I offer are hosting private and public events for all clients and to meet all their desired needs from exclusive to sophisticated.

Marye Green

Owner + CEO | Canvas Entertainment
Instagram: @canvasentertainment_

You are the salon Coordinator/Manager at Texture Hair. In addition to everything you do behind the scenes, you are the first person people see when they come into the salon and the last person they see when they leave – making you an integral part of each guest’s experience. It’s a business all about connecting with people – so working in the event industry seems like a natural transition.
How has your career in the beauty industry helped you with this new venture?

I have been in the beauty industry since I was 10 years old – it’s in my DNA.

My main jobs have been in hair salons or beauty supply stores, ever since I could remember. I am now going on working 5 years at Texture as a Salon Manager/Coordinator.

Providing good customer service is just part of my personality. I have a passion for connecting with people and matching their desired needs, whether it is the right hair product or stylist.

Working in this industry, as a hairdresser and on the frontline, has taught me so much about people and the world.

In one place – I have met people from all walks of life.

You recently hosted a Grab a bag pop up shop event – tell us about that.

Grab a bag pop up shop is an event a friend of mine has annually and even monthly. It’s a social networking event for small businesses to gather, connect and grow and I wanted to be part of that. Connecting, supporting and helping small businesses grow together.

I saw a save the date post on the Canvas Entertainment Facebook page. Tell us a little about the end of year event you are planning.

So this is a private event that I’ll be hosting, inviting friends, family, and supporters. It is a soft launch to introduce Canvas entertainment – ending the year on a positive note – going into the new year with positivity and love.

Being in the beauty industry you meet and interact with people in every profession, industry and walk of life. Do you think those relationships will be a key element to your success?

Definitely. Working in this industry, you meet all kinds of people from different professions, which really helps for the types of services that my entertainment company will provide.

Tell us about your creative process: When you first start planning an event, what are your first steps?

My creative process is always random.

I’ll think of something jot it down and then boom – I’ve got ten event ideas with ten different themes.

My mind is wild once it’s on go mode.

I’m a big dreamer.

I dream big – that is what I am all about. Lay it all down and execute it.

What types of projects excite you the most?

The projects that excite me the most are ones that get me out of my comfort zone. Trying new things, creating something out of nothing and seeing the outcome.

You have a very busy life – how do you juggle it all?

I’m a mother of two and it’s busy. It’s nonstop – having to juggle my personal life, work and motherhood.

I take it all one day at a time.

Every day is a new day – a new adventure – you never know what the day has in store for you. All I know is the only way to go is to keep pushing forward.

These past two years have been life changing for most people. What are you looking forward to most in 2022?

I regret nothing – everything happens for a reason and I’m trusting the process.

What I am looking forward to in 2022 is to grow, build and generate wealth for the next generation.