As a blogger, I get hundreds of emails a year from companies reaching out to do collaborations, as well as, press releases from PR Firms and businesses about product launches or my favorite, story ideas for blog posts.

This week, I received an email from Alison Flood, Publicist for Booksy, that caught my attention. The message is so timely and important, especially now for Hairstylist and Barber Professionals in Ontario, that I wanted to share it on my blog.

Please note, this is not a personal endorsement for Booksy, this is about addressing the issue of mental health in the beauty industry. But I do applaud them for shining the spotlight on this discussion.

Furthermore, it is proof that Beauty Professionals are an essential part of our community. The services they provide go far beyond making people look good, it is about making people feel good as well.

Hi Natasha,

No longer missing from the spotlight on mental health awareness are the struggles that hairstylists endure. Customers regularly reveal their personal struggles to their hairstylists, which are nearly as diverse as those handled by mental health professionals. Compounded by the high-energy and creative nature of the profession, job-induced stress, anxiety, and depression can sometimes be at the surface, and hard to hide from clients behind their fierce facade.

Booksy, the app that connects 13M users to beauty and wellness professionals for appointments, has designated today, May 27, as National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day. Today, Booksy shines a light of advocacy and support on the mental health struggles these pros may have and lets them know it’s okay to have an off day, take time for themselves, and talk about their problems, too.

According to a Booksy survey of its barber and hairstylist professionals:
  • 43% of professionals feel like their client’s unofficial therapist all of the time
  • 44% have a hard time separating themselves from work mentally even when they aren’t behind the chair
    Consider these insights from Booksy’s survey of consumers to learn about what they share with their hairstylist, their opinions of them, and more:

The most popular topics to discuss with a hairstylist:

  • Covid-19 | 74%
  • Family | 72%
  • Work | 59%
  • Personal relationships | 46%
  • Physical health | 41%
  • Mental health | 26%
  • Sex | 21%

Hairstylists have a telling impact on their customers:

  • 61% said they generally feel happier
  • 47% of people feel more optimistic after a visit to their hairstylist
  • 37% feel more confident in social situations

Customers have been picking up on how their hairstylist is feeling:

  • 27% notice their hairstylist frequently seems stressed
  • 26% notice their hairstylist frequently seems overworked
  • 20% said their hairstylist frequently seems anxious
  • 16% notice their hairstylist frequently seems depressed

When hairstylists open up to their clients, here’s what they’ve been talking about:

  • 71% have expressed frustration over Covid-19 measures needed to do their job
  • 57% have opened up about personal problems
  • 55% have raised concerns about making ends meet
  • 41% have discussed thoughts about changing their profession

    You can find out how to recognize hairstylists here.


Booksy | National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day
Booksy | National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day
Booksy | National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day
Booksy | National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day