Mentor Week -

A few weeks ago I was on the website and I saw a video of Fabio Sementilli, Vice President of Education for Wella, the Salon Professional Division of P&G, interviewing his sister and mentor Mirella Rota-Sementilli.

“Mentorship across our industry is one of the most valuable gifts we can give our people. It’s really what’s at the core of the beauty industry and how we bring up the next generations of Stylists.”

Fabio Sementilli

That got me thinking of the importance of mentors – what they can do to ignite someone’s passion, confidence and spirit.

We asked a few of Ottawa’s personalities and business leaders to share with us who their mentors are and why. We hope that this will inspire others to become mentors within their own industries and change a life. We will be sharing their stories all this week.