We asked a number of business leaders and professionals, who their mentors were, here are their answers.


Andrea Marcus
President and CEO of Mistura Inc

Twitter: @mistura
 Mistura Beauty

This is a not an easy question to answer anymore.

Years ago, before I undertook the decision to become and entrepreneur, it would probably have been someone that influenced me from a lifestyle or humanitarian perspective. Now, the word “mentor” to me is a little more broad and illustrious.

I can no longer name just one “experienced and trusted advisor” because my life is made up of many such people. I do not (nor have I ever) subscribed to the “Rah Rah, Girl Power: 300-women-around-a-table” trend.

I rely consistently and unwaveringly on those select women and men in my life who lift my spirits when need be, who radiate positive energy, who are kind, non-judgmental and self-aware and who unabashedly give me a kick in the ass when I need one – and a pat on the back when I forgot to do it myself.

My confidantes know me, have helped me become the woman I am today and have therefore by extension helped shape the company that I work so hard to build.

Each one of them, in their own magical way, has helped guide me in my professional and personal life.

Ottawa-based business leaders and advisors like Janice MacDonald, Fiona Gilligan, Jeff York, Darryl Duncan and David Appotive – my amazing husband and business partner, Hayden Marcus – makeup guru Melissa Shabinsky, friend and Mistura shareholder Ian Engelberg and all my “besties” have been my rocks during such a formative period.

Accepting mentoring helps to build confidence, break down barriers and instill you in an ability and willingness to see things through different eyes.

I have always been able to listen as much as I talk (which as many who know me will attest is A LOT) and it has served me well.

William Arthur Ward, a prolific writer of inspirational maxims once said “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” I don’t think that any other quote encapsulates the true meaning of mentoring and I am thankful – if not blessed – to have so many intellectual and emotional resources looking out for me.