Sometimes you need to take a few different paths before you find your true calling.

Meet Henny, she started out her career in the fashion industry and now is living out her passion behind the chair.


Stylist and Owner | Hair by Henny
Founder | Ritzy Mane

Instagram: @hairby.henny

You started your career in fashion and then transitioned to the restaurant industry – in the end what drew you to become a hairstylist?

It was a hobby of mine. When I discovered YouTube years ago, I started teaching myself how to do my hair. I would get a lot of compliments especially when I did colour. Once I decided to leave the restaurant industry, it made sense to branch into the hair industry.

Instagram: @hairby.henny
I have always thought that the restaurant and hair industry were similar, to a certain extent. Did your past experiences prepare you for your career as a hair professional?

Yes! Both past careers were customer service base. All the skills that I learned throughout the years I was able to apply to my business.

Who have been some mentors or industry leaders who have helped you become the artist you are today?

It’s been a collage of people – from my teachers from the Aveda Institute to some of the Senior Stylists from Civello and Hairlove. In addition, there has been a lot of support within the hair community. It’s been so easy to reach out to Stylists online.

What is your philosophy when it comes to hair and what you want to pass on to your clients?

It’s extremely important to have a great hair care regimen!

You specialize in lived in color. Can you explain some of the different balayage techniques?

Many techniques can create a balayage look. Lived-in colour for me is when a colour grows out without any harsh lines, and the colour is very complementary to the persons’ skin tone.

What are some of the benefits of ditching hair ties for silk scrunchies?

I love my Rizty Mane silk scrunchies because they don’t tug and there’s less friction on the hair.

Instagram: @ritzymane
What is the difference between dry scalp and dandruff?

Dandruff is when the hair has excess oil production and overgrowth of fungus. Dry scalp occurs when the scalp doesn’t produce or hold enough moisture.

Where do you get inspiration as an artist?

I get inspiration from social media like Instagram and TikTok and also from runway shows and street fashion.

Instagram: @ritzymane
Tell us a little about Ritzy Mane – what your mission?

Ritzy mane is my hair brand I created last year. The mission is to provide chic hair accessories and quality hair extensions for everyone.

I have always loved the vibe and culture of salons – it is an important part of the experience. The beauty industry has seen a growing surge in salon suites and home salons in the last few years. You are an independent stylist – renting a chair at a salon. Can you explain to our readers what being an independent stylist entails?  

Being an independent hairstylist means you’re self-employed. The business is separate from the salon. The hairstylist is responsible for everything involving the business.

Is it important to you to be surrounded by other creatives as an artist?

Yes, I make an effort to stay in touch with certain artists. I also love attending classes to learn new techniques and to network.

What is the best thing about working in the beauty industry?

Creativity and the ability to connect with people.

Do you have a daily beauty routine?

Yes, I have a great skincare and haircare regimen. I try my best to be consistent.

How would you describe your personal style?

Chic, minimal and fashionable (outside work) – Lol. When I’m in the salon, comfort is key!

Taking me time has taken on a whole new meaning these past few years. Do you have a self-care routine that you follow or activities you do that allow you to disconnect a little from everyday life?

Yes, I used to be a workaholic. That changed after the lockdown. Now I make an effort for self-care. This involves going for walks, taking baths, muting my social media notifications and planning special activities with friends and family.

Finally give us three words that describe you best.

Passionate, friendly and ambitious