A chain reaction.

The choices we make, no matter how small, have an impact on our lives and those around us.

I support Green Circle Salons (GCS) because the work they do is invaluable for our planet and it’s future.

Change starts from within

I am very proud that so many hair salons have joined and continue to join the GCS community. This is further proof, that the safety and well-being of guests, staff and the community, is and will always be, a priority for the beauty industry.

In honor of Earth Month, I wanted to shine the spotlight on some of the AMAZING work they do, and the impact it has on keeping our planet beautiful!

Green Circle Salons’s partnership with Plastic Bank®

This Earth Month, GCS announce a partnership with Plastic Bank®, a social enterprise helping the world stop ocean-bound plastic while improving the lives of collectors in vulnerable coastal communities to help reduce global ocean-bound plastic.

This partnership will guarantee that for every new membership in April 2021, 10,000 plastic bottles will be prevented from entering the world’s oceans – while uplifting collectors across the world. Through this partnership beauty professionals will be able to battle ocean plastic while recovering up to 95% of their beauty waste by becoming certified sustainable GCS members.

In addition, twelve major beauty industry brands have partnered with GCS to prevent an additional 100,000 plastic bottles. Together, the participating companies will prevent an additional 1.2 million plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

We are so appreciative to the global vision and commitment to corporate responsibility of Paul Mitchell, BLVD, Pureology, EVO Hair, Fekkai, Joico, Denman, Rosy, Moroccanoil, L’ANZA, Chatters and Fatboy for investing and
influencing their communities to join us in repairing our planet.

Bill Deliman, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, GCS

Giving New Life to Salon Metals

Where does waste go?

Instead of heading to the landfill, these salons metals will be recycled. ♻️

At the facility the metal will be sorted by grade and type, melted down into aluminum sheets or bars (called ingots). In turn, these sheets/bars are used to make new products like car part and bicycles!

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Recovery Initiative

The PPE waste boxes are safely incinerated and will be turned into clean renewable energy to power our homes and businesses. The ash can be used to make filler in asphalt and other construction materials, like brick!

When you choose a sustainable salon – you are helping keep the planet beautiful!

To find a sustainable salon in your city, please click here.