Good hair speaks louder than words.

I have always had a hair care routine. But, I think it is something that a lot of people tend to neglect. Your hair faces the same ‘stresses’ your skin does – so it is important to have the right products to keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

My very first memories of hair masques – were as a little girl. My Mother used the nourishing oils in mayonnaise as a hair conditioning treatment for my hair. Although I have not done that in a while – I do use a number of salon brand hair masques as a regular part of my hair routine now.

Sometimes just a little bit of pampering can go a long way.

This is one thing that you can do that will make you feel so good. This post will give you some advice on finding the right product. Remember to ask your Stylist for advice too – they really want you to have beautiful hair.

⇓ Below are some quick facts ⇓

  1. Hair masques are like high powered conditioners that nourish your hair.
  2. Just doing a treatment once a week will help with hair goals like shine and softness.
  3. They help if you have dry, damaged or frizzy hair.
  4. Choose a mask for your hair type and condition – ask your Stylist for help if you don’t know.
  5. A little goes a long way – you are not frosting a cupcake – you want to lightly coat your hair.
  6. Don’t apply product to soaking wet hair – gently squeeze the excess water from your hair first.
  7. Follow the application directions and recommended times for the product.

I have reached out to some familiar faces for some product recommendations – all these talented artist have been featured on my blog. Make sure you visit their Instagram pages to check out their client creations and editorial work.

Vanessa Whitmarsh
Cutting + Stylist Specialist
Event Producer
Instagram: @vwhitmarshhair
Vida Salon | Denver CO

As summer is getting close to an end I always feel like my hair needs a good refresh before fall. Here are two of my favorite masques for quick repair!

Aveda After-Sun Hair Masque: A cream masque with Morikue protein that is great for reviving hair that’s been really exposed to the sun. Apply evenly to damp hair, leave in for 5 minutes then rinse. Great for weekly treatments or whenever hair is exposed to a lot of sun, chlorine, and salt – so pretty much everything you’ve been exposing it to this summer! This masque is also great for color treated hair. The protein helps with hair porosity to help keep your color lasting longer!

Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque: This masque is made with Buriti Oil that helps seal in intense hydration. I love to apply this to my hair after shampooing and let it sit for 5-10 minutes – my hair immediately feels softer and moisturized!

Style Fix Spotlight: Vanessa Whitmarsh | Bernardi Beauty Blog

Jerica Wentzell
Wella Master Color Expert and Brand Educator
Instagram: @jericawentzell
Gingersnap Salon | Sudbury ON

I have been a mask addict ever since I started coloring my hair as a pre-teen. I would save the little tube of deep conditioner that came in the box of color and stretch it out as long as I could, because I noticed it made such a difference in the look and feel of my hair. It wasn’t long before I started saving my allowance to buy a certain cult-status hair masques that my mother used. I would pile the masque on my hair, wrap my head in a grocery bag and top it off with a steamy towel because I had heard it helped the product penetrate.

It’s a ritual that I have held on to this day, when my hair is feeling parched or I’m simply craving some pampering (although I have upgraded to a shower cap and dryer). Through coloring, heat-styling and environmental factors hair can become sensitive to breakage, a masque can act as a reparative boost and go beyond the level of care that can be achieved with a regular conditioner.

My current go-to masks at the moment are Wellaplex No3 and Fusionplex by Wella Professionals.

Wellaplex No3 is a mask that complements the Wellaplex salon service but can be used on it’s own. It is to be used once weekly for 10 minutes to help repair broken bonds within the hair. This not only creates a smoother and softer head of hair, but allows the hair to remain strong after dramatic color changes.

Fusionplex is another once weekly mask that allows for 95% more resilience against breakage. It contains amino acids, the building blocks of hair. Using silksteel technology, fusionplex repairs the hair fibre on multiple levels and helps to prevent further damage within the hair. For best results it should be paired with it’s complementary shampoo which removes metallic impurities. The masks should be applied to towel dried hair as the water left in the hair will dilute the product.

Wellaplex and Fusionplex address the damage on different levels and together create a stronger, more resilient head of hair with more shine and elasticity.

Style Fix Spotlight: Jerica Wentzell | Bernardi Beauty Blog

Kelley Caballero
Hair Stylist
Instagram: @prettylegends_
Texture Hair Salon | Ottawa ON

Hair masques! First of all, I think you really need to a) know your hair type and b) know what your hair is lacking.

I specialize in blondes so I usually end up recommending masques for dry and/or damaged hair.

I would have to say that Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense is my go-to. I absolutely love that even after one treatment, your hair feels almost completely renewed. It is more or less for severely dried out hair.

If you are running into damage issues, I would recommend Kérastase Resistance Masque Thérapiste. It is for extremely over processed and damaged hair. I am a firm believer that at a point where your hair is very damaged, you should be living for these treatments and stopping any colouring.

Consistency is key!

I’m always happy to go over anyone’s hair needs. Stop by the shop for a free consult and we can get you set up with what you need.

Style Fix Spotlight: Kelley Caballero | Bernardi Beauty Blog

Featured Photo: Pexels