Hairdressers are a wonderful breed.
– Vidal Sassoon

When I read this Instagram post by Darlene – it really touched me.

The hair industry has always been part of my life – the smells, the sounds of the salon are all so familiar to me. As you may already know – many people who I love and respect are hair stylists – including my Mother.

One thing I want to make clear – this is a noble profession.

It takes a special person to do this as a career – because although we all have the ability to learn in one way or another, people skills are something you are born with.

The ability to really connect with people cannot be taught.

Darlene Crnkovic
Master Stylist/Owner

dk.envy | Calgary, Alberta  My mother was a hair stylist for 35 years. Like many working moms, she worked her butt off without a lot of pay. She didn’t have much to give us kids but she gave us all that she could and huge hearts!

When I was growing up I would see/hear how people would react when I told them what my mom did for a living And, the reaction from them was usually the same – that she was just a hairdresser. Which broke my heart, because I thought she was the coolest lady I knew! Which she still is!

But that stereotype doesn’t exist ANYMORE! 

So cheers to all the hair stylists who passed their tools down to the next generation of hair stylists who are making a difference!

The ones who are out there killing it so that they can create and truly enjoy their passion behind the chair! Who truly make a difference in someone’s life!

But really it’s the guest in our chair that matters most. This has always been my motto!

The guest that shares all your moments throughout your life while you let them see just HOW H?T THEY ARE! What’s better than that!?

God I love who I get to know in my chair. Cause at the end of the day – they are why we here!

So THANK YOU to everyone who has sat in my chair and helped me to reach my dreams!

Repost: Darlene with her niece Jade, a third generation stylist. Jade has been working with at dk.envy for almost 10 years!