I have naturally curly hair so after I’ve washed it, I add product to it and let it air dry. But, when I want a different look, I straighten it. That is the great thing about hair – it can be used as an accessory.

When it comes to hair straighteners – you have two types: ceramic and titanium plated.

Healthy hair is beautiful hair.

I have used both types, and for my hair, I prefer ceramic plates. Ceramic plates heat evenly, preventing any hot spots that can damage your hair. With the titanium – I find the end result too sleek. I prefer my hair to have more movement.

I recently tried a hair straightener from the Karmin Salon Series. I liked it because it didn’t hurt my wrist with prolonged use, it had a slim design, it heated up quickly and it had a long cord so I could move around my bathroom freely.



Karmin Salon Series: Hair Straightener

Here are some of the features of the Karmin Salon Series hair straightener.

100% Pure Ceramic Floating Plates
Available in 1” and 1.5”
Temperature Range of 230 F – 450 F for all hair types and textures

We wanted to ask a professional’s point of view, so we turned to Ramsey Sayah – Dear Hairdresser. Here is what he had to say.

This hair straightener rocks. It’s lightweight and smooth. It slides through the hair like a hot knife through butter, so you don’t get stuck or ever have to pull your clients hair, especially if you’re doing curls. It’s great because I don’t need to have 5 tools on my station – curling iron, a hair straightener, the wand etc.

This tool can do it all – curls of all types, smooth and absolutely poker straight hair or even c-shaped hair.

You see the thing about hair straighteners, what makes one better than the other, isn’t just about how hot they get, but the reheat time from the plates that matters too.

The plates need to reheat so it can release the same amount of heat on every piece. The Karmin hair straightener does this instantly. You can go from section to section very quickly and finish a hairstyle in no time.

As you know in our industry time is money, so this is the perfect tool to help us be efficient and achieve the best results for our clients.


If you represent a company and would like to be considered for a hair product review please email Ramsey at dearhairdresser@hotmail.com – include your contact information and the details of your request.