Sometimes you just need something a little extra for the weekend.

There are so many different beauty enhancers today. One of my favorites is false lashes. It gives me the look I want without much of a hassle.

I really like the ESQIDO false eyelashes. When I first put them on – it feels a little weird but after a few minutes, I forget I have them on.

These mink lashes come with beautiful curls, so they mimic the flow of natural lashes.

THE LOOK: Illumina

Illumination Bernardi Beauty Blog 2

I had a cute outfit I bought from Dynamite that I wore out this weekend and I didn’t want to do any dramatic makeup so – I wore these lashes with a red bold lip.

The volume for these is 4 out of 5. Don’t let that scare you. They still looked super natural.

The website has this cool feature – a slide bar to compare the before and after. It’s really cool and a little bit addictive.

Care Tip:

To clean them I gently and carefully remove the glue from the band with flat edge tweezers. It’s a little tricky but once you get the hang of it – it comes off quite easily.

I have more I am going to try – so stay tuned!

Click here to check out the full collection of ESQIDO mink lashes.

If you’re having trouble deciding, click here to take the lash quiz – it will help you find the perfect pair.