From time to time, I become obsessed with certain things – food, restaurants, songs and jewelry. My latest color obsession is rose gold – it is the perfect shade of pale pink.

Rose gold jewelry became mainstream when the pinkish metal was featured in Cartier’s iconic trinity ring. Now it can be seen in everything from iPhones, to nail polish, to hair color.

There is always something that inspires a post.

I got the idea for this one, after I met Jessica of Moscow Muled which is based out of Vancouver. They make beautiful, handcrafted multi-use copper mugs (I consider this color rose gold) and they look so luxurious.


This has become my favorite home decor item. It is a fab accent piece for the colors I have in my bathroom and it makes for the perfect makeup brush holder.

If you are a fan of mules checkout the website – they have a bunch of recipes you can make to serve in the copper mugs. And, they also have an FAQ that will explain how to care for them.

Who knew?!

These copper mugs are made of 100% pure high-grade and food-safe copper and lined with a layer of high-grade nickel.

If you use a copper mug that is not lined with nickel, the acidic fluids in your drink will cause a chemical reaction which may cause you to ingest too much copper, leading to an unhealthy and potentially dangerous concentration of copper in your body.

One more thing I have to mention is that 15% of their profits are donated to several non-profit organizations that work to stop impaired driving.

Getting to collaborate with companies like this is definitely a perk of having a blog but spreading the word about things like this means so much more to me. It really is amazing.

A little rose gold glam.

Love this color for make-up – I never get tired of it. Such a rich look but it is still subtle and it goes with everything.

Made It to the Seventh Hill! by OPI

Go for Gold Dazzleglass by M.A.C.

My forever jewelry obsession – stacked necklaces.

Customized rose gold necklaces from oNecklace.

For those with the right skin tone – rose gold hair makes a definite statement.

Rose Gold ?
color + cut : amber @shear_envytupelo on @_sassafrass
photo + makeup : @_sassafrass @shear_envytupelo

When I saw this at Shoppers Drug Mart – I had to get it. I mean really – who wouldn’t want a rose gold glow?

MasqueBAR Rose Gold Foil Sheet Mask will help moisturize your dry skin. It has raspberry fruit extract, macadamia temifolia seed oil and anise fruit extract. Almost sounds like the ingredients for a very posh dessert.