I love the look of those classic Hollywood waves – so simple and elegant.

Most of us won’t ever make it to Hollywood but at least we can look like we have.

Now, I always recommend going to Stylists when it comes to haircuts and color services, but there are some things with a little time and patience, you can do at home.

I teamed up with the talented Laura Boyer from Texture Hair Salon in Ottawa, to bring you a step by step tutorial on those glamorous waves.

Laura Boyer
Hair Stylist

Instagram: @lauraboyerhair

paddle brush
hair clips
1 to 1 1/2 inch curling iron
wide tooth comb
2 bobby pins

HAIR CARE TIP: If you use hot styling tools on your hair – you need to give it a little extra loving care. In order to help keep your hair shiny, healthy, and strong – try using hair masques once a week. They are heavenly.

style + protect by pureology
Refresh & Go Dry Shampoo

Using dry shampoo will help loosen the curls and avoid those Shirley Temple ringlets.

BONUS: These three products are great for color treated hair.

style + protect by pureology
Soft Finish Hairspray

style + protect by pureology
Shine Bright Taming Serum

Step One: Starting with dry, straight hair apply dry shampoo all over your hair – then gently brush the hair out.

Step Two: Section out the hair with a clip, so that you can curl your hair one layer at at time, starting from the nape of the neck and moving up towards the crown.

Step Three: Holding the curling iron away from the face, grab a section no more than the size of your iron and curl the hair – starting at the top moving your way to the ends. Then, holding the can 8-12 inches away from the hair, apply hairspray over the section of hair. Repeat the process with the next layer of hair until you reach the crown.

Step Four: After letting the hair rest for 5-10 minutes, hold the can 8-12 inches away from the hair and apply hairspray all over the curls.

Step Five: Take a wide tooth comb and brush through the curls. Then, gently back comb the hair at the bend of each wave.

Step Six: On the right or left side of your head, apply a small amount of Shine Bright Taming Serum at the temple. Then, smooth hair down and make a cross pattern using two bobby pins (make sure the flat edge is facing up). Let hair fall over pinned section to conceal the bobby pins.