I have always found the vibe of the traditional barber shops so appealing. From the vintage barber chairs to the pictures on the walls — everything seems to have a story.

What I love even more is the barber culture.

Going to the barber shop is more about getting a shave or cut — its an experience. A place where men can hangout – talk about the news, politics, sports whatever is going on in their lives.

It brings communities together — that is why it’s so important to preserve it.


Listen up gentlemen — never underestimate the sex appeal of a well groomed man. I don’t know one woman who doesn’t like when men look and smell nice.

So in an effort to help all the gentlemen out there, I would like to introduce grooming sessions. A series of tips and advice to help keep men dapper.

Here again is Christopher Lord, barber, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Instagram: @capcitychris

Christopher Lord

Owner + President | Kings Own Reserve
Owner + Barber | Kings Own Barbershop

Instagram: @capcitychris

My hair is thinning, is there anything I can do to thicken my hair?

An issue many men face, me included is hair loss. I myself have embraced shaving my head. Going shorter, or in some

Cases shaving the head completely bald can actually do a lot for ones confidence. Instead of playing with partings, and growing the hair out, trying a shorter hairstyle, adding in more texture, or an unstructured “messy” look can divert the attention away from thinning hair. Using the right product is an essential when battling hair loss or male pattern baldness. Avoid heavy products like gels and waxes. These products can make the hair look much thinner, and flatter than it really is. There are products that are specifically designed to give the illusion that ones hair is thicker, and more full. These products include shampoos, conditioners and sprays. Keep in mind that the results are temporary, so upkeep is required. Daily use is ideal to ensure that you get the most benefits. Taking biotin, vitamins B12 and B6 respectively, can also contribute to thicker, and healthier hair, although results can vary from person to person.

My hair grows through a bit patchy, is there anything that can help with that?

The only way to truly assess how patchy your beard is, is to let it grow out. The first three to four weeks of growing ones facial hair out can be the toughest. Once you get a better idea of the landscape, you can properly assess the situation. Depending how patchy your beard is, the growth around the patches can be used to comb towards, and cover up the problem areas. The first thing you have to ask yourself, is how big of a beard you’re going for. If you feel that your beard is too patchy, but you still want facial hair, you can always opt for a shorter beard. Stubble can look great, if lined up properly. Brushing your facial hair daily can also help as you start to grow your beard and shape it into what you’d like your end result to be.

Instagram: @capcitychris

Susie Shapiro Photography – featured photo credit.