I have always loved the vibe of traditional barber shops. From the vintage chairs to the pictures on the walls — everything seems to have a story.

What I love even more is the culture.

Going to the barber shop is more about getting a shave or cut — its an experience. A place where men can hangout – talk about the news, politics, sports and whatever else is going on in their lives.

It brings communities together — that is why it’s so important to preserve it.


Listen up gentlemen — never underestimate the sex appeal of a well groomed man.

So in an effort to help all the gentlemen out there, I would like to introduce grooming sessions. A series of tips and advice to help keep men dapper.

For grooming sessions no. 2, we have barber and entrepreneur Rob Barranca, who I interviewed in December.

Rob  Barranca
Barber | Entrepreneur

Instagram: @backalleybarbershop.ca

Back Alley Barber Shop | Niagara Falls ON

What is the best way to shave under your chin and neck area?

It’s best to shave from the bottom of your neck upwards, this will help prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs. And, when shaving under your chin, pull the razor from your throat area toward the chin.

Also remember it’s important to start with clean skin, use a good shaving cream, shave with the grain and rinse your razor with warm water to keep the blades from getting clogged with hair, which will cause irritation if not cleaned properly. After shave treatment of your skin is important as well.

If you go to a barber, make sure they are reputable. A straight blade takes off three more layers of skin than a razor you would buy at the drug store.

How often should men wash their hair?

Well you should wash your face everyday and every night. But with the hair it’s a little different.

They say 2-3 times a week – but it depends on how oily your hair gets. Washing it too often, can strip the nutrients out of it – making it dry and brittle.

For the guys that go to the gym every day – you can condition each day to help re-hydrate the hair.


The natural salt that your body releases from working out leaves the hair with a nice wind swept wave, kind of like you get at the beach. That is why you see a lot of these sea salt sprays now.