I have always loved the vibe of traditional barber shops. From the vintage chairs to the pictures on the walls — everything seems to have a story.

What I love even more is the culture.

Going to the barber shop is more about getting a shave or cut — its an experience. A place where men can hangout – talk about the news, politics, sports and whatever else is going on in their lives.

It brings communities together — that is why it’s so important to preserve it.


Listen up gentlemen — never underestimate the sex appeal of a well groomed man.

So in an effort to help all the gentlemen out there, I would like to introduce grooming sessions. A series of tips and advice to help keep men dapper.

Here again is Christopher Lord, barber, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Instagram: @capcitychris

Christopher Lord

Owner + President | Kings Own Reserve
Owner + Barber | Kings Own Barbershop

Instagram: @capcitychris

What’s the best way to prevent razor burn?

Preventing razor burn can be an easy process. In order to have a more seamless and enjoyable shave, you have to make sure to prepare your skin. On days you’re planning to shave, be sure to take a hot shower, and rub the area you’ll be shaving. The heat, in conjunction with the circular motions, will ensure your hair, and skin is soft. Depending on your skin type, you also have to be mindful of the products you’re using on your face. If you’re battling razor burn, switching things up could be the answer. Avoid heavily scented soaps and shave gels, and opt for natural shave oils. Always shave with the direction of the hair growth, and ensure that your tools are always sharp, and free from debris such as soap, or hair buildup. Exfoliating your skin is also very important, and can help with preventing ingrown hairs. Wearing tight clothing, can also be a contributing factor in irritating newly shaved skin.

Instagram: @capcitychris

What can I use to make my stubble less scratchy for my partner?

Beard oil is a great solution for this common problem. My company kings own reserve has a beard oil that tackles this issue. Having a great smelling oil, that also softens the hair and skin, is key. As the facial hair gets longer, ensuring that it remains smooth, and soft, can be tricky. Some products available on the market can actually have adverse effects, and can make the hair dryer, and more brittle. Temperature changes can affect your beard as your skin and hair, can get dryer with the fluctuations of the weather. Finding a product that works, and smells great for you, and your partner, is your best bet.

If I want to grow my beard longer, should I still trim it every now and then and if so, how often?

Ultimately, growing ones beard to the desired length, is a matter of personal aesthetic. Depending on what you want to look like, and the type of beard you’re going for, upkeep can be different. Maintaining the integrity of your beard is important, so regular trimming is paramount. If you plan on growing your beard out, a trim every three to four weeks will yield the best results. If you’re seeing a barber, which I highly suggest, work with him or her to discuss your ideal end result.

Susie Shapiro Photography – featured photo credit.