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Last year we did a feature on Green Circle Salons and a recent life event prompted me to do a follow up with them. I have a new addition to my family – a nephew and I want him to have a beautiful planet to live in.

The work that Green Circle Salons does is so important. Just take a look at the stats on their website:

The average salon produces 821.76 kilograms of waste per year.
Combined, Canadian salons produce 20,355 tonnes of waste annually.

Take a moment to think of the positive impact they are making on the environment and future of the planet with their programs. It’s really incredible and I want to do whatever I can to support them. So here is our chat with Communications Manager Will Simpson with an update on Green Circle Salons.

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Website: Green Circle Salons

I was recently at Texture Hair Salon, here in Ottawa, and the salon manager told me that Green Circle will be planting a tree, native to Canada, for every new guest introduced to their salon. Tell us about the Green it Forward program.

Green it Forward was created out of a desire to share. Like the “pay it forward” concept which encourages goodwill and action, this initiative is designed to take a positive green idea and present it to others, to help share a good thing. Think of how strong the beauty industry would be if everyone was referring friends and family to their favourite eco friendly stylist, and if everyone was receiving rewards in the process! “Green it Forward” offers a meaningful reward for the guest trying out a new salon, as well as the person who is loyal enough to refer a friend. And perhaps most importantly, every time this small action takes place, Green Circle Salons will plant a tree here in Canada to acknowledge this commitment to sustainable beauty!

On Earth Day 2014, Green Circle Salons officially launched the “My Green Salon” app. Tell  us about some of the features.

The “My Green Salon” app, like the Green Circle Salon Directory, is designed to put green-minded consumers in touch with local, environmentally responsible beauty service providers. Those looking for a salon can search by the product line they like, the city or town in which they live, or the name of the Green Circle Certified salon that they have heard such good things about. Each listing has important information about the salon (hours of operation, services and pricing, links to social media pages), and there are tons of fantastic promotions for new salon visitors!

The app also showcases the exciting events being hosted by the Green Circle Salons network, to keep North America’s sustainable beauty supporters in the loop. Does your salon have a cut-a-thon coming up? You’ll see it here first!

One of the most exciting things about this new app is that it’s being run using green energy from our partners at Bullfrogpower. We are really proud – this is the world’s first renewably powered salon app!

What other interesting things does Green Circle Salons have coming up for the salon industry and its guests?

We’ve created a new day!

Salon enPACT Day takes place on the 18th of each month and encourages us all to take on a simple action that leaves a positive environmental impact. We encourage everyone to get involved by making a one-day commitment through these small challenges (like “meatless Monday”, or “lights off at sunset”), and sharing them with friends and family to create a ripple effect that creates really meaningful change. To create the biggest possible impact, we want this to be shared and talked about throughout the world on Facebook, instagram and wherever news gets spread. Participants can even post photos of their Salon enPACT Day experience through their newly downloaded My Green Salon app.

Green Circle Salons has a top secret campaign in the works for 2015… We can’t share much, but that everyone can get involved in the fun, it will shine from coast to coast and it will be very, VERY big!

Ottawa is spreading the green love!

Green Circle Salons and Texture Hair Salon are working together to keep people and the planet beautiful.

I recently asked Ramsey Sayah of Texture Hair Salon and Texture Salon Boutique why they decided to become a GCS member salon.

“We wanted to do our part to help recycle and reduce our carbon print as a business. Plus we wanted help GCS create renewable energy.  It made complete sense to do this and we are happy that a company like green circle took it upon themselves to create this service for salons. Our clients really appreciate it and loved the fact that they are supporting a business that cares about our environment and our future.”