Life is a roller coaster – with each experience we learn something new.

Today we catch-up with with Sara from Texture Hair who we first interviewed in 2019.

Sara Koubaissi

Instagram: @hairsbysara
Stylist, Texture Hair Boutique

World events have changed a lot of things these past few years.
For the personal care industry – consumers, more than ever, see services/products as a form of self-care that are important for mental wellness. Have you noticed a change within the profession?

The personal care industry has always been a way to help people feel pampered and good about themselves, mentally and physically. 

My goal is to always make sure clients feel and look good, when they come in for their appointment. I agree that getting services/products is a form of self-pampering and people more than ever have been taking advantage of it.

It isn’t always about getting a service done but also things they can do from home. When a client comes to the salon, I always recommend they take care of their hair at home as well, whether it is to get a good shampoo or how they could style their hair.

Hair style by Sara, Texture Hair for blog feature in Bernardi Beauty Blog.
Instagram : @hairsbysara
There is a growing demand by consumers for sustainable beauty products. When it comes to salons, the majority of guests do care about it’s environmental impact. Have you found this with your clients? Do you think it’s important as a hairstylist to be part of a salon that makes this a priority?

Clients have been paying more attention to environmental products, as they become more aware of taking care of the environment. Clients also look for more organic products as well. I believe that salons should make it a priority – as it’s a win win situation! 

Lived-in color and low maintenance hairstyles have surged in popularity, because they offer flexibility with the timeline between appointments.

What are some options clients have, if they want this type of look?

To achieve a low maintenance look, you’ll need to look for hairstyles that are both subtle and blend well with the client’s hair. Everyone’s hair is different – so the types of services required will always vary. Also, even though they’re low maintenance hairstyles, it’s always good to have a refresh every few months.

Artist vs. Algorithm
I feel there is a double edge sword when it comes to social media and the hair industry. On one hand, it is an easy way to reach a wide audience and potentially gain new clients. On the other hand, the number of likes or followers does not define you as an artist. I think that sometimes, this is something hair professionals struggle with and consumers fail to understand.  
I think stylists need to be active on platforms, because that is where people are hanging out. If you’re not posting it’s almost a case of out of sight – out of mind. But being good with social media doesn’t always necessarily translate to being a good hairstylist either.
How do you ‘balance‘ it all when it comes to social media?

Social media has had a very big impact on our lives and I do think that it is helpful to your career but not necessary to become successful, it’s more about being accessible.

My hair page is for clients to see what kind of work I do and to also communicate with them. I don’t necessarily post about my personal life on social media – I like to keep the two separate and that’s just my preference.

Hair style by Sara, Texture Hair for blog feature in Bernardi Beauty Blog.
Instagram : @hairsbysara
Continuing education plays a big part in the hair industry. There are always new products and techniques to learn about. Over the past few years there was a shift to online learning and events. But now that things are going back to in-person, what are you looking forward to most this year?

I am very excited about the fact that they are finally bringing back in-person events. It’s been a long time! As trends and products are always upgrading, I’m excited to be attending different events this summer to learn new techniques, as well as, meeting people in the industry.

Over the next few months more and more people will be returning to the office, whether it is a hybrid model or full time. Finally! I think it is so important – people need to have that human connection.
That is what makes salons and barber shops so important to our community. It’s not just a place where you get pampered; it is a place to connect with other people – talk about what is going on in your life, the news, gossip and get advice.
What do you like most about the salon culture?  

The salon culture is flexible and it’s a place for everyone to feel comfortable.

When you are meeting people every day, you learn how to read them. Some clients come to the salon to converse and have one on one time with someone, others like to read a book and relax.

Hair style by Sara, Texture Hair for blog feature in Bernardi Beauty Blog.
Instagram : @hairsbysara
You’ve been in the industry for a while now. Do you have any cuts or coloring techniques that you have grown to specialize in?

In the hair industry, you are always growing and that’s what I love about it!

I am always trying to advance in my colours and cuts. Since balayage is my main specialty, I am always looking for new techniques and a challenge. I also love doing fun colours!

I know some stylists like to do their own hair – do you? If you don’t, what are your favorite services to get done?

I love getting my hair done; it’s one of the things that make me feel good about myself.

I usually get my hair done by one of the stylist at the salon, as it’s more complicated to do highlights on your own head. I get my highlights done with a shadow root for a nice blend and of course a haircut to keep my hair looking healthy and beautiful.

I am seeing more articles and products that focus on scalp health. What are some things people can do to keep their scalp healthy?

The scalp is very important for healthy hair and I’m glad that it’s being focused on more.  

A couple of tips that I can give for a healthy scalp is to exfoliate and hydrate it.

To exfoliate, use a scalp brush once a week followed by a scalp oil, preferably something more organic such as rosemary oil. 

Hair style by Sara, Texture Hair for blog feature in Bernardi Beauty Blog.
Instagram : @hairsbysara