Hair is a beautiful form of self-expression.

Carolyn Aronson

Extensions are the ultimate hair accessory. They allow you to add volume or length to your hair with a visit to the salon.

Now, I have never used extensions, the only thing I know is that they come in human hair and synthetic material.

So it was time to turn to an expert.

The first person who came to mind was Kara Chartier, because not only is she a Hair Stylist, she has also used hair extensions herself. To read more of her story, please click here.

Kara Chartier
Hair Stylist

Instagram: @kara_hair_

Glow Hair Studio | Ottawa ON

What are the different types of hair extensions?
  • Tape-In
  • Sew-In | Weaves
  • Fusion
  • Micro-Link
  • Clip-in
There are different ways to apply extensions – what do you recommend?

It all depends on the hair type. For fine hair you can use clip-in, sew-in | weaves and tape-in. For medium to thick hair, you can use fusion, sew-in | weaves, micro-link and clip-in.

TIP: Human hair extensions can look amazing – have you seen a Victoria’s Secret runway show? Go to a hair stylist for a consultation to avoid disappointment.  They can advise you on the type, color and how much you will need to get the look you want.

How do you determine what color to choose for your clients and can extensions be colored to match their hair?

It would be best to colour the hair according to skin tone before, then purchase extensions at the same level; you can also buy blonder and tone down. But, when bleaching hair extensions, there is no guarantee of lift – it also might affect the condition of the extension as well.

Here are two pictures of Kara with custom clip-ins when her hair was very short – she did all the color.

Typically, how long does the process take, and what is the price range for this type of service?

Timing is anywhere between 30 minutes to 6 hours and the cost can range from $100.00 and upwards.

Hair extensions are a major investment and it isn’t a simple process.

The woman we featured in this post is Kara’s client, she had a balayage and cut done to match her extensions, then Kara blended the extensions with her natural hair.

When you go to the salon for a consultation – ask questions and make sure you know what you can expect to spend for the look you want, what the maintenance will be and how to care for the type of extensions you have.

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