Do you have a messy makeup drawer or bag?

Checkout this reblog from Melody Iafelice.

#BeautyTips to help get you started on a more organized and efficient beauty collection, regardless of its size.

1 – Remove anything that doesn’t belong in that drawer/bag.

2 – If you haven’t used it in 12 months – toss it. Except mascara  – toss opened tubes every 3-4 months.

3 – Items that changed in texture, shade or smell – toss it.

4 – Don’t love the color/texture or it doesn’t work for you – toss it or set it aside. If they are still new or newish, you can trade with a friend who may love it.


Special Note: I love IKEA for storage ideas. I have them all over the house, including my bathroom. They one I have is similar to the one pictured. It’s perfect for sorting up my makeup products and brushes. – Natasha

5 – Containers are great to organize the products that you love and make you feel great when you use them? Keep like products together. Organize by color, texture, gloss lipsticks etc. – it’s up to you.

6 – Only buy things that make you feel and look fab. Don’t settle for anything less – regardless of price, trend or brand name.


Melody Iafelice
On-Air Beauty Specialist and Professional Makeup Artist

On-Air Beauty Specialist and Professional Makeup Artist, Melody has two decades of dedication, experience and passion to make you look good!