The struggle is real.

I love my hair but taming my curls takes a lot of effort, product and styling techniques.

When it’s done right – I love the way my hair looks. But one small mistake equals disaster and I have to either wear my hair in a ponytail, wear a baseball cap or start all over again.

So in my ongoing quest to help my readers with curly locks — I will be reaching out to all my curly hair sisters – asking them for their tips and secrets.

First up is the ever so fierce and talented Nouha Julienne.

Instagram: @makeupbynouhain my natural habitat ? #curlsfordays

Nouha Julienne

Instagram: @nouhajulienne
Instagram: @makeupbynouha

What do you use to detangle your hair?

I only detangle my hair in the shower with a lot of conditioner! I use the ultra smooth coconut detangler comb by Cricket.

How often do you get a trim?

I try to get a trim at least once a year. Ideally twice!

What is your curly hair regimen?

I just recently discovered a new product that I love! It’s the Sebastian Professional Twisted Curl Magnifier. I start by applying a creamy leave-on conditioner (right now I’m using a leave-on conditioner by Cantu) and then the styling cream. I use lots of product to make sure that my hair is covered.

Do you ever blow dry your hair or use a diffuser?

You should never blow dry your curly hair! It creates lots of frizz and will ruin your curl pattern and shape. Using a diffuser allows you to maintain the shape of your curls while still drying your hair. After diffusing your hair until it’s fully dry, you can style your hair and give it volume by using your fingers to move your curls around.

Do you have any curly hair tips secrets to share?

Always make sure that your hair is fully soaked when applying your products! This allows for your hair to suck up all of the product properly and prevent frizziness. You should also always diffuse your hair when it’s really wet. Having dry strands creates frizz.

Featured Photo Credit: @roblloyd_