Everyone has a story – that is why I love interviewing people. I love hearing about their lives and what they are passionate about.

Kelly is a colourist at ViviD Salon. Her Instagram page is a collection of looks that show her passion for what she does. Here is a little bit of her story.

Kelly Xavier

Hair Stylist + Colorist

ViviD Salon | Mississauga, ON
Instagram: @kellyxavier_colour

You are so passionate about what you do. What drove you to a career in the beauty industry?

I have always loved doing something that allows me to use my creativity and my passion for interacting with people.

At the age of 16, I decided to pursue full time co-op at a hair salon, where I began to develop my skills. My work at this salon enabled me to be accepted into the Fiorio Beauty Academy, where I studied under the work of Mr. Fiorio and other talented colourists in the industry.

During my time at the Academy, I continued to work on enhancing my colouring techniques and because of this, I was offered the opportunity to work alongside Mr. Fiorio at his flagship location in Yorkville. There, I continued to work for 15 years and further developed my skills!

I like a good hair makeover, but I love it so much more when it’s done for special people like mothers. A few years ago you got to participate on Cityline Makeover for Mom. How was it being part of that experience?

Makeovers are really special. I am always humbled and honoured by the role I get to play, when making a client’s vision come to life. In particular, it’s so much more special when I can do it for someone who commits themselves everyday being a busy mom and career woman!

At times we can forget about ourselves because we’re so busy! Makeovers are a favourite for me because I am able to make someone feel beautiful and putting a big smile on someone’s face is the best feeling!

The experience of being part of the Cityline Makeover for Moms was also special for me because I got to share the end result with an incredible audience, friends and family.

I don’t think anyone can argue the fact that Vidal Sassoon had a huge impact on the craft. He transformed the profession of a hair stylist and turned it into an art. Who are some artists that you draw inspiration from and do you have a mentor?

It’s a FACT that Vidal Sassoon has had a huge impact on the industry and the art of hair!

My first mentor and inspiration was Maurice Fiorio, my first experience was in hair school where he taught me. Like Vidal, Maurice Fiorio was a leader in the craft taking the strong shapes of Vidal and adding texture and movement, creating an effortless look for women!

And from Fiorio I followed and was always inspired by Diana Vivilecchia (@dvcolour). The way she transformed hair and her technique is bar none! As an Instagram follower I became her student, she’s an exceptional educator, she cares, she’s passionate and everyone feeds off her passion! She’s constantly learning/educating herself therefore evolving and perfecting her craft. She has taught me and has made me evolve tremendously. She is the reason my work as an artist and painter has surpassed my expectations! I’ve always been inspired by her blends and her passion as an artist!

I really am inspired and have a lot of respect for Jamie Sea (@prettylittleombre). I enjoy her looks and love her content. She’s very real. She has an incredible outlook on life and her social media live chats and videos are very engaging!

There are so many other incredible artist out there I could go on forever!

What are 5 must haves for every stylist’s toolkit?

As a colourist I love:

  1. Olaplex: I realize it’s more than 5 must have products but the whole line is a favourite to me! It keeps the hair strong and is nourishing for all hair types!
  2. Fanola Purple Shampoo: It keeps my clients feeling and looking fresh and bright!
  3. Goldwell Colour Brush: It’s tiny but I LOVE it! It helps create softness and dimensions with the right amount of control.
  4. Wet Brush: It’s more gentle when combing through wet hair as the elasticity of the hair is at its weakest point.
  5. Oligo Extra Blonde Lightener: It’s a gentle lightener that lifts to a beautiful tone without being harsh on the hair.
Instagram: @bestofbalayage
I am always on the lookout for beauty tips. Do you have a beauty routine or any favorite skincare products?

Skincare is always tough! But I feel like I’ve finally found staples that I love! My number one is Skinceuticals face serum Phloretin CF. It keeps my skin looking clean and fresh. I use it every morning and as a 30 something year old woman I find it helps with my natural glow!

With facial creams I stumbled upon LUSH face cream as I ran out of my usual cream – desperate for anything in the heat of the moment!

I came across Celestial for the morning – it’s moisturizing but absorbs quickly so I can put make up on and get out the door! And Skin Drink for night, much richer as I have fairly dry skin!

My favourite makeup is my Too Faced Born This Way concealer. It’s light but has very full coverage as it is buildable for any concerns your looking to camouflage. My Bobbie Brown bronzer is also a staple it gives my skin warmth without looking orange.

On my lashes I love Benefit They’re Real. I love this because as a hairdresser, with blow driers constantly going IT DOESNT MELT!!! So important for me so that by the end of the day I still look fresh without those mascara rings under my eyes! All hairdressers know what I’m talking about – Haha!

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say a little sweet, a little sexy and a little comfy! It really all depends on the day and what mood I’m in.

I like winter maybe a week before and after Christmas, then I am over it. You are not a fan of the winter months either. If you could go to any hot spot destination in the world, where would you go?

I’m quite the travel bug. I’ve been to 20+ countries, so anywhere really! I love going on a new adventure every year, to be in a new and exciting place and learn about their culture and history.

What do you love most about going to work every day and being behind the chair?

I consider myself lucky to be able to use and share my passion with my clients.

I’m able to have them sit in my chair, talk to them about their vision and then work with my creativity to make it come to life. Nothing beats the feeling of finishing my work and seeing the smile on my clients’ faces!

When I’m behind the chair, I find that I’m not just a colourist, but also a friend, someone to confide in.

Finally – what three words describe you best?

Social, friendly and humble.