Social media has taken over.

It’s a fantastic tool for salons – when it’s used right. On the other hand, when it is used inconsistently and without focus – it can have negative effects.

“You have to put your best foot forward – cause if you don’t, the other one doesn’t get to follow”
– Kelly Cutrone

I have seen so many Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages that have been virtually abandoned by salons.

Take my advice – it doesn’t leave a good impression.

It just leaves people guessing – they’ve gone out of business, they have forgotten about it, they gave up, they are too busy (although that’s a good problem to have).

Please don’t let it fall through the cracks!

I know time is at a premium – there is never enough time in a day. When it comes down to it – so many other things take priority.

But there are ways to fit in social media posts so that it is quick and easy – without compromising the quality of the content.

Just keep it simple.

Find a social media outlet that works best for you – you don’t have to do them all.

Robert Cass is a salon/spa coach/consultant and the CEO of Spaformation, it was his post that inspired me to blog about this topic.

Content is King Bernardi Beauty Blog

Instagram: @rob_cass

What category do you fall into?

In his post, Rob said that many salon owners have no marketing plan and just ‘wing it’ with sporadic promotions and inconsistent messaging on social media. Other salon owners do have a marketing plan, yet do not follow it. As a result they do not gain the financial benefits of the time they have invested in creating the plan. But, if salon owners follow a plan, deliver consistent, targeted messages on a set schedule – they will reap the rewards.

Marketing plans get results.

Rob says salon owners need to make marketing a priority and schedule time to work on it. Have promotions tied in to holidays and things like wedding season. Target your ideal clients. Plan them ahead of time so it’s not a too-late-last-minute-panic-rush deal.

Tweet, post and update. Often!

He also says to ensure your website and social media pages are up-to-date and that you add new messages and information on a regular basis.

Put it on the calendar and get it done.

To find out more about the services Rob offers at Spaformation click here – you can also visit his consulting practice Salon prophets.

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Content is king

I’m not a social media or marketing expert but as a blogger, I have learned a few tips and tricks along the way. So I’ll share a few. All you need is a 12 month calendar and Google to make notes and schedule reminders.

Holidays: Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day.
Award Season and Fashion Events: Oscars, Grammy Awards, MTV Awards, Fashion Week Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, Met Gala, Festival Season (Coachella).

Mark reminders 1-2 weeks in advance minimum for holidays for promos and product suggestions. For events like New York Fashion Week – do those in real time. Clients might see a hairstyle, hair color, haircut they just love.

TIP: Don’t forget to use hashtags #hairinspo #metgala #nyfw #giftideas

Wedding Season: Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter – talk about the trends or salon services you offer.

TIP: Facebook and other social media platforms allow you to schedule posts – so you can do them for the week or at night and then forget about it.

You can keep it fun too.

A quick shot of the salon – a new product – a staff selfie. Anything that will show the vibe and culture of the salon.