I love sleep.

So anything that will let me have more of it – I’m all for it.

A little while ago, I was given the opportunity to try a new product and it has made my mornings a little bit easier.

It’s called Busy Beauty Showerless Shave® Gel. It allows you to shave anywhere without water.

I’ve been telling people it’s a magical gel but that is not very informative, so I will give you actual details of the product.

Busy Beauty Making life simple Bernardi Beauty (1)Paraben/alcohol/cruelty free…
Contains natural essential oils…
Perfect for sensitive skin…
Travel sized approved…

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No Water. No Rinse. No Lather.

I’m assuming everyone knows how to use shaving gel but I wanted to include these graphics because I think they’re cute.

Apply the gel.

Busy Beauty Step 3

 Shave as you would normally.

 Busy Beauty Step 2

Rub any access gel into the skin or apply more as a post shave moisturizer.

Busy Beauty Step 1

It’s perfect for those times when you notice that you’ve missed spot in the morning.

Because foam shaving gel doesn’t absorb on dry skin – using it last minute is just a disaster. Not to mention that, no matter how careful you are, inevitably it will stain your clothes.

This product isn’t sticky or oily – so there is no messy residue to wash away.

BONUS: It doubles as a moisturizer.

After you shave – you just rub the product into your skin. It will make it feel so smooth.

I like to call products like this “small victories.” Especially if it let’s you spend less time in the bathroom getting ready.

Because if there is one thing we all need more of – it’s time.

If you want to try it out click here and you can even check out other reviews of the product. My favorite one is:


Even my husband stole it

I bought this product for myself, but my husband loved it! I guess it works for men and women and all skin types.