This is what can happen, when passion for creativity is the driving force behind a career.

Christine Khazzaka
Hair Stylist

Instagram: @ChristineKhazzaka
Studio Me | Ottawa, ON

Everyone has a reason why they choose a particular path in life. What drew you to pursue a career as a stylist?

I wouldn’t say I chose to be a hair stylist, I believe it chose me.

I sort of fell into this path.

I was actually going to go to school for dental hygiene but as it turns out that just wasn’t my thing. So, I got a job at a salon downtown as an assistant, until I figured out what I truly wanted to do. As it turns out, I totally fell in love with the hair industry, making people feel and look their best everyday, who wouldn’t want to do that!

I guess you can say it was meant to be.

In the hair industry – people expect Stylist to be on top of all the trends. But I think it is more about being stylish rather than trendy. Do you think developing a personal style is an important part of being in the beauty industry?

Yes I do think developing a personal style is an important part of being in the beauty industry. It’s what makes you different from the rest.

I always say it’s not about what’s on trend, it’s whether or not it reflects on who you are. Everyone has their own style and it’s important to be able to express it in your own way.

I love looking at editorials on Instagram – it gives stylist a platform to showcase their work on an international level. To be completely honest, many of my favorites are not by celebrity stylists.

Do you draw inspiration from your peers in the industry?

Yes I do – one hundred percent. It’s very important that we inspire each other in the beauty industry, I think that’s how we are able to push the barriers – otherwise everyone would have the same hair and there would be no progression.

It’s important to find new, fun and different ways to make people feel beautiful.

The down side to social media – clients see trends and expect that (A) that it can be done and (B) it will happen with one visit to the salon. How much of a role does ‘education’ play in consultations with clients?

Education plays a huge role in my consultations – it’s the part of the appointment where I can examine the hair and see if I can hopefully give the client what she wants. It is so common these days for women to see that beautiful icy platinum blonde on social media and say “I have to have it!” If my client comes in with level 5 hair (dark brown hair) and wants to be that platinum blonde, it is my responsibility to educate her on the process and how to maintain the color to keep it looking nice and bright.

Hair is such a big part of your personal style – whether people acknowledge it or not. When a client leaves the salon with a glow and smile on their face – what does that mean to you?

When a client leaves with a glow and smile on their face – that is what its all about. That is what reminds me everyday why I became a hairstylist. The fact that I had a part in making someone feel beautiful and happy means the world to me.

Your editorial work is beautiful – congratulations on all the success you’ve had a Trend Vision. How important is it to you, as a stylist, to have a creative outlet to express your artistic vision?

Thank you so much. It’s very important for me to have an artistic outlet. It allows me the freedom to do what I want with the hair, shape it, color it, and mold it into the vision I have. It allows me to break out from the day-to-day hairstyles, and bring out my creative side and truly do something different and edgy.

Do you have a daily beauty routine?

I sure do. Every morning the first thing I do is brush my teeth, shower and apply my all natural Eminence anti-aging cream. Then I style my hair and apply my make-up which consists of mascara, black eyeliner, powder foundation and lipstick.

What are some of your personal hair and make-up must haves?

My hair must haves are Sebastian Professional Dark Oil and Milkshake Leave-in Treatment. I don’t like using too much product in my hair.

My make-up must haves are Kat Von D liquid eyeliner, Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Foundation, NARS Cosmetics Custard Radiant Creamy Concealer and last but not least Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.

Instagram: @ChristineKhazzaka

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m pretty simple. I like to be comfortable but still stylish and on trend. For example in the winter, I love over-sized sweaters with tights and healed boots or plaid shirts. In the summer, I love being in a maxi dress or a midi skirt with a crop top.

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

My favorite way to pamper myself is either doing a face mask or hopefully getting my grey covered.

Finally – what three words describe you best?

The three things that best describe me are: great sense of humour, easy going, and adventurous. The adventurous part comes from my love of travel.

Feature Photo: CANADIAN CREATIVE VISION FINALIST, Wella Professionals Trend Vision | Christine Khazzaka, Studio Me Hair Design Inc, Ottawa, ON

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