Have you ever gone to a high end restaurant and thought to yourself – that was the best meal I have ever eaten? It’s easy to understand why – right? The Chef uses the best and freshest ingredients, prepares it with skill and plates with craftsmanship. You’re paying more but you’re getting a higher level of service and overall dining experience.

Now let’s say you want to recreate the same dish at home. You aren’t a Chef, but you can attempt it provided you use the same quality of ingredients. If the Chef used butter and you used margarine, it’s not going to taste the same. That’s just logic.

Now think of your hair after you come home from the salon. It’s kind of the same thing.

Hair Stylists use various tools, salon products and techniques to create a look for you. You aren’t a Stylist but you can re-create the look at home, if you use the same products and tools. But if you skimp out on the quality of product – the look is not going to be the same.

My Mother is a Hair Stylist – so we grew up using salon products. It makes a difference. I have tried both – and I can tell the difference right away. With salon products – the level of quality in the ingredients is better, and even though they are more expensive, you use less so it’s worth the investment.

Knowledge is the key. Educate yourself.

Meet Vanessa Fortino – accomplished Hair Stylist, Barber and Editorial Artist. To find out more about her, you can read her Shop Talk interview here.

Sebastian Professional just introduced a new styling product called Dark Oil. Vanessa is going to explain the products full benefits.

Michael Polsinelli, Sebastian Professional Global Art Director says:

“The beauty of any style starts with the right care.”

That couldn’t be better said with the new Dark Oil that recently hit the hair world.

Don’t let the name fool you. Although the word dark couldn’t be a better fit for our fearless tribe, the oil itself is light unlike any other oil I have worked with before.

I do believe with everything, without the proper background information, it is hard for anyone to really grasp what something can do for you. So, I am going to explain the key elements of this oil so that everyone can get the full benefits from this amazing hair product.

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Dark Oil, like any oil, is meant to smooth the hair cuticle. The thing that makes it different, is the new DifussX Technology. It allows the oil to penetrate the hair, replenish it from the inside out – leaving it extremely shiny and weightless with body.

Formulated with sandalwood, cedarwood, and argan oil, just one pump makes your hair smell like a Tom Ford ad. And, most Stylist will agree with me, having UV protection is a huge added bonus, especially in the sunny months.

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A tip I have learned, for my fellow Stylists out there, if your client needs a little more hydration and shine add a few pumps of the Dark Oil into the Penetraitt or Drench Treatment also made by Sebastian Professional.

Taking out the guess work.

I received the opportunity to try out the new Dark Oil at the What’s Next Awards in Miami this past February. One of the amazing benefits of using Sebastian Professional products, is that they think of about absolutely everything! I was not at all surprised to see that they had a perfect pump to distribute just the right amount of oil into the hand.